1, 2, and now 3 Amazing Singing Waiters...

This show was filmed entirely for a corporate event in Phoenix, night...900 guests.

The Amazing Waiters X3

Looking for another unique �Surprise Entertainment� Act? Then you have just landed on the sweet spot. We have specialized in surprise events which leave your guests astonished and wowed. Our famous act of The Amazing Waiters X3 has returned with a new twist. Along with the three leading men we have introduced a female performer. It adds even more elements of sophistication, humor, spontaneity and audience interaction into your party.

These three leading men and the female performer can be dressed up like waiters. They will "work" around the room/space performing waiter tasks, like helping people to their seats, placing napkins, filling water glasses and even helping the wait staff serve. They will be doing everything which a waiter does and your guests will never know the difference...that is, until the surprise erupts and their true identity is revealed. Even then, some guests will be amazed they are not waiters!

Once the actual show begins, each Amazing Waiter performer is completely believable in his or her role while they move from stage to audience and audience to stage, sharing songs, banter, laugher, and fabulous singing with your guests. These major Broadway and Opera performers draw a vast repertoire ranging from Acapella to Opera. On one hand, they can range from singing without any instrumental sound, on the other they will come up with a mind blowing dramatic work, sometimes culminating in an Operatic Aria showing the incredible breadth of range and talent this group has...a performance that is going to leave your guests cheering with napkins in the air.


We offer a very enjoyable (and affordable) service in which our performers can be molded, according to your desire. ALL Amazing Waiters X3 shows are customized. Whatever look, outfit or theme you might require, The Amazing Waiters are there to prepare and serve it with the highest of class. So start making plans to make this season�s party rocking with The Amazing Waiters X3 Show, 855-899-7701

Amazing Waiters:  Three Amazing Waiters
Amazing Waiters:  Music Frank, Dean and Sammy made famous.
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How Our Shows Work

How do The Amazing Waiters' X3 Shows Work? - Singing Waiter Show outlines


THE SINGING CHEF: Our poor Chef is taken over by our waiters on his special night. All bets are off as the shenanigans ensue! See our special page for this.

THE PLANTED girl/SOPRANO: Our cute, demure girl is pulled into the fore, almost embarrased, but in the end triumphantly conquers all.

THREE SINGING SERVERS (2 men and 1 girl): A little bit of sass and some great singing. This option allows three singing waiters from beginning to finish. A very healthy choice.

Customized Shows make your vision realized. We write each show from scratch, quickly and efficiently making our shows unmatched. We guarantee it!

Innovative and Cutting-Edge

The Amazing Waiters by name, started out as waiters that sang. We've come a LONG way since then. Today's Amazing Waiter shows are unique, engaging, customized, and guaranteed to be the most affordable. See our "Best Price Guarantee".
Regardless of your direction, The Amazing Waiters will take the show from stage to audience, and back to the stage, keeping your guests engaged and amped up.
Our job is to make you happy.

The Amazing Sound & Bundled Entertainment

The Amazing Waiters offer special sound pricing for your Southern California event starting at 600 Dollars when you bundle with one of our shows!
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Amazing Waiter Sound Bundle Packages.  We promise to beat any legitimate quote.