the amazing Flash MOB Singers™

The Amazing Waiters™ are happy to be working with the Flash MOB Singers™. They are an amazing group of performers that put together all kinds of Flash Mobs that include all styles of singing and dancing. They have a great pool of talent in Los Angeles and they also advise and help coordinate flash mobs across the US with regional and local talent to aquire the "wow" without hefty price.

The Amazing Waiters have also worked with the Flash Mob Singers to augment their show. Imagine our 1, 2, or 3 Singing Waiters performing a dramatic operatic aria with an additional 10 singers!

To see the type of shows the Amazing Waiters offer, please see our "Shows" Tab above"SINGING WAITER SHOWS"...perhaps a show that features our Opera Singing Chef?


No one know the Amazing Waiter show better than us. The Amazing Waiters™ now provide sound for your entire evening. We offer amazing Bundle Pricing on production and show.

Give us a call at 619-356-5478, or email us at for more information on our sound bundling options for your event.

Amazing Waiters great sound at a great price.

*The Amazing Waiters are an internationally-renown Singing Act that performs at Corporate Events, Weddings, Private Parties and Fundraisers World-Wide. The Amazing Waiters require all performers meet the highest standards of entertainment experience and have major Broadway or Operatic Credits, assuring you the World-Class Entertainment.
Offices are located in Los Angeles (West Coast -Main Office), Chicago, Illinois (Midwest Region) & New York City (East Coast Branch) with a satellite office in Las Vegas, Nevada.
For more information on the group and its origins, we invite you to visit the "ABOUT" PAGE.