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The Amazing Waiters™ surprise a Bride and Groom with spontaneous song in Boston, MA.
Break The Ice with The Amazing Waiters™. Most of the time, weddings (big or small) bring people that don't know each other very well. The Amazing Waiter show has the ability to break the ice and segue into the rest of the evening without interrupting or interfering.

Multinational/Ethnic Wedding Entertainment

Our shows touch on several languages and accents that can include French, Italian, German, Greek, Southern (is that a language?), British and many others. It's what makes our shows accessible, fun, and very entertaining.
Because our performers are well-trained in language and come from the best improv schools, you have a great recipe for success with The Amazing Waiters.

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Wedding Reception Entertainment

Wedding receptions are a tightly choreographed series of events that must somehow tie together in a seamless fashion. Our specially-crafted wedding shows are designed to tie the middle dinner portion into the dancing. The show creates a seemless transition from the sitting portion of the evening and into the get up and dance part. We get their attention and keep them engaged with fun banter and great singing.

See The Amazing Waiters Wedding Reception VIDEO

Below are highlights of a speical wedding reception show in Orange County, California.

Adaptable Entertainment

Because our Singing Waiter shows are customizable, we can fit it in the tightest of time lines. Maybe that speech went a little too long...We are there to help you.
Wedding Guests at an Amazing Waiters™ surprise performance.

We have worked with numerous wedding planners, brides and mothers of brides. We know this is a special time for you...Let The Amazing Waiters™ alleviate some of your stress by performing well-crafted, personalized shows that you and your wedding guests will enjoy.

Wave the napkins with the Amazing Waiters™.

Military Weddings

We have sung for several branches of the US Military. The Amazing Waiters take great pride and pleasure giving back something special to those who have dedicated themselves to protecting us. Give us a call. We want to discuss how the Amazing Waiters can provide a very special singing waiter show for you and your soon-to-be spouse.
Singing Waiter military weddings in california.

Wedding Proposal Ideas

Before the wedding there has to be a proposal. Now we won't actually ask your significant other, but we can most certainly set the mood for you. Have The Amazing Waiters construct a fun and surprising rouse that will insure the right answer!

SEE OUR VIDEO: The Amazing Waiters™ offer a number of different shows for your Wedding. Give us a Toll Free call at 855-899-7701 or email us at
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Other Singing Waiter Show Options:

We are happy to discuss then put forth a unique and customized show for you and your guests. We take our work seriously and we have some very talented people on our staff that assists us with making everything go smoothly.
Please go to our main page for more show options...perhaps our Amazing Chef?

The Amazing Waiters are based in Orange County and service the United States in specialized wedding entertainment.