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Experience and Talent:
Taking any ordinary event and turning it into an unforgettable experience, we at The Amazing Waiters dazzle each of our audiences with an unanticipated world-class performance. Our creators have taken their over 20 years of combined experience and collaborated to create an innovative form of entertainment often replicated, never duplicated.

Using a unique combination of interactive humor, surprise and astonishing voices, The Amazing Waiters light up the room with unexpected laughter, fun and excitement. Because we offer the only customized singing waiters shows our specialized form of entertainment is fitting for any event. We are the perfect addition to an array of social events, but specialize in taking corporate events and wedding receptions to the next level.

The best part about having The Amazing Waiters|Singing Waiters at your event is that you're getting no-worries entertainment that has been tried- and-tested for 15 years, in front of thousands of party-goers. This is no cookie cutter singing waiters act. From the beginning, no matter the size, we work with you, gaining an understanding of your wants and expectations and take it from there.

Nothing is left to chance. Through our experience and training, our top-notched performers, complete with an arsenal of amazing singing and improvisational skills navigate skillfully through any event to any timeline making memorable moments for you and your guests.

The wedding and corporate event entertainment you can expect from The Amazing Waiters is unlike anything else. We would love nothing more than to take your already wonderful event and turn it into the event of the year. View our gallery page to see just what kind of memorable entertainment we will literally bring to the table at your next event.

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TOLL FREE: (855) 899-7701
Southern California Region: (619) 356-5478
Chicago, Illinois: (312) 473-2919
**The Amazing Waiters have offices in Los Angeles & Costa Mesa, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Chicago, Illinois & New York, New York, with local regional performers providing the best Singing Waiters Entertainment in Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Desert and New York City.

Amazing Opera Shows
Our group is constantly evolving. In partnership with The Amazing Tenors, The Amazing Waiters are able to offer more stylized shows (even concerts) from the Opera, Broadway and Popera Genres. See some of our show breakdowns at the column to the right. Additionally, please visit our Singing Waiters Blog post, detailing repertoire and even more show options!