So, it's one Singing Waiter you want...

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We said we were flexible, didn't we?

The Amazing Waiter(s) can provide a solo (one) singing waiter.
This can be very effective for smaller parties or receptions. It's a great idea for someone who's looking for maximum impact in entertainment but doesn't have the room or space to accomidate lots of equipment...
See a quick video of one of our One Amazing Waiter show kicking off a show with an Elvis Song!

* Solo strolling OPERA SINGER at cocktails, greeting and assisting guests in an Italian accent. A very nice touch. Bravo!

* A guest (plant) that gets up during dinner, performing guests.

* Dressed as the THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA making a very dramatic entrance, singing & even talking.

* Full-blown 35-55 minute show by one singer during or after dinner. You still get the surprise element at the beginning with the economy of the same performer returning for a longer set/show.

* Call us for more information 855-899-7701

If this is an option for your event or party, contact us. With minimum space requirements we will create you the best show for the best price.

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Sound Investment

The Amazing Waiters™ provide optional sound packages for all of their Clients located in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara and San Diego Counties starting at $600. Call now: 619-356-5478, or email us at for more information.