The Amazing Waiters: Phantom Show

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Want some drama but still want the Singing Waiter surprise?

The Amazing Waiters, dressed as wait staff, set up the night with a reveal that seamlessly merges the surprise (light) element direclty into the drama that a show like PHANTOM OF THE OPERA can bring.

This show works best with three or more performers. Christine, Raul and of course, PHANTOM!


Since each show is customized to fit your timeline, it varies. However, we suggest a 30-35 minute show when you want the Singing Waiter surprise AND the Phantom show, together in one night.

The Amazing Waiter Phantom Show Video:


Our talented staff has been hand-picked by us. We have award-winning cooreographers, sound engineers and of course, performers. Anyone on the Amazing Waiter Roster is a bonafide Star with MAJOR BROADWAY or OPERATIC CREDITS. We keep things simple so can rest assured you are getting a top-notched team on your event. No exceptions!

Have a vision? We are happy to work out other scenarios that you may have in mind.

Regardless of your direction, The Amazing Waiters™ will take the show from stage to audience, and back to the stage, leaving your guests excited, ready to see what's next.

It's what makes us special and you, your guests, and the boss happy you called. We take our work seriously and we have some very talented people on our staff that assists us with making everything go smoothly.

Amazing Sound Packages

Our Clients love that we don't have a crazy rider some some other "acts".
We can provide audio options to go with our shows. Inquire about our bundled packages that include all sound, including a professional engineer for the night.

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Serving amazing entertainment in North and South America, Western Europe and Mars (Hey! Martians need good entertainment too!).

Amazing Waiters great sound at a great price.