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Our Singing Waiters bring flair and class to your party.
Many times we are asked if we do small parties because the person might have seen us at a large function, causing them to feel that that's all we do. The answer is "yes", we do perform at smaller functions and private parties frequently.

Performing at small parties are different than the larger venues for many reasons. We like these because we can really get into nuances with the show. Not only will The Amazing Waiters create a customized show that reflects your party's dynamics, we will develop dialogue that reflects, augments and sometimes roasts SPECIFIC members of your party.

Party Entertainment Ideas

**It doesn't have to be a big bash to have quality and affordable entertainment...

Birthday parties bring amazing opportunities to do the unexpected.

Amazing Birthday Party Ideas

Looking for something unique, interesting, fun and will be a total surprise for that birthday boy or girl that NEVER gets surprised or has "seen it all"? The Amazing Waiters have several surprise birthday party ideas for you to consider. Of course, our trademark surprise show that is specially written for that special person. Does he like comedy? Does he have a favorite actor/actress? Is she into Michael Crawford or Josh Groban? Whatever the slant, our shows can not only be a surprise, they will zero on that person of honor in a way you've never seen before.

Whether it's a Birthday by decade, 30th Birthday Party, 40th Birthday Party, 50th Birthday Party, 60th Birthday Party, 70th Birthday Party, 80th Birthday Party, or even a 90th Birthday Party. The Amazing Waiters can customize entertainment that will suit any birthday boy or girl.

With music repertoire ranging from BROADWAY, JAZZ, music by DECADES, OPERA, Old Hollywood-Theme, we can even alter lyrics to a favorite song and sing it specially for the person of honor!


The Amazing Waiters-singing waiter entertainment, is adept at providing the ultimate surprise for any birthday party, private party, surprise party, themed party, Casino Hollywood themed party, masquerade themed party...If you can dream it, we can do it!

Each show is special and specially written for you. No other act can bring the level of talent with the ability to customize a show like The Amazing Waiters' surprise singing waiter act.


We take surprise to the next level. Of course, we can be surprise Singing Waiters for any size event, .we can also be surprise Singing Chefs Singing Chefs, a dramatic surprise with a singing Phantom of the Opera, a singing Event Planner, a singing guest (or guests), a singing stranger (a bystander), singing Security Guards (talk about being caught "off guard"), singing firemen, singing police officer, singing flash mobs (dancers & singers), singing dancers, the surprise options are limitless!
SIZE doesn't matter No matter the size of your party, The Amazing Waiters can provide entertainment that's not only at the highest level but affordable.

Give us a call, 855-899-7701 or send us a message HERE and we'll be happy to work with you on your event.

Endless Surprise Options

Our entertainers can pose as waiters or catering staff. Your guests will be completely fooled, thinking that your waiters have just put a spontaneous song together for your party. Little do your party-goers know that this is just the beginning of a very elaborate ruse put together by careful construction and subtle inside information provided by you.

Unparalleled Music Variety

Every Amazing Waiter show is specially designed from the script to the music. Once you choose us, we immediately begin gathering information that includes your guests or special guests' musical preferences. We work very hard to incorporate them into your show in a seamless manner. Creating customized shows take more time for us but the results are exponentially more personal for you.

Birthday Cake Presentation

Our surprise birthday shows can incorporate a special cake presentation, complete with singing, of course. You spent money or took a lot of time to get that cake, so let's make sure it gets presented in a very special way...another nuance you'll appreciate from our Amazing Waiter Shows.

Surprise Entertainment Specialists

Yes, we started as a singing waiter act. But that's not all we do. A TAW customized show means that we can write what we want. We are actors and singers. In addition to having our 1, 2, or 3 Singing Waiters, we can be party guests, chefs, bystanders, valets, a co-host...or, you might have an idea (we love that). Need some inspiration? Go to our ideaspage! ♫We're all about the surprise...the surprise♫. Call The Amazing Waiters toll free today, and we'll be happy to talk to you about your party.

surprise birthday party ideas and small party entertainment in Chicago with the Amazing Waiters™.

Customized Two-Fer Entertainment

Our singing waiter shows are not created equally! Each customized waiter show includes just the right amount of "stuff" for you and your guests. Everything from creating just the right length of show...to how you may envisioning the reveal or surprise happening.
CUSTOMIZED SURPRISE: We can break the show into two parts. Part 1: Reveal...then later in the evening, Part 2: More of a Presentational Show.

It's what we call a "two-fer"!
These varying approaches keep our shows fresh and removes the fear of someone already having seen our show or possibly predicting the outcome. That's where our experience and your knowledge of your attendees comes in very handy!


Ah! The Christmas Holidays are great and always seem that they are fast-approaching, no matter what time of year it is.
The Amazing Waiters are already booking shows into December 2017. Make sure you let us know your Holiday Dates asap. We don't want you to miss out!
If you would like more detailed information on our amazing holiday options, including our holiday video, please go to our Amazing Waiters' HOLIDAY Page.

Amazing Valentine Entertainment

Singing Waiters for Valentine's?...Yes indeed!
The Amazing Waiters™ are ready to give you a memorable night...one that your significant other will thank you for...
We know this night is special. You've chosen the Amazing Waiters to be at your house...just the two of you...you've hired a caterer-a private chef to prepare an amazing dinner...he has some staff that waits on you hand and foot! Soon...dinner...you eat, talk, laugh...soon a couple of waiters come to your table and segue into a singing show of love songs that include songs by Frank Sinatra, Andrea Bocelli, Nat King Cole, Michael Buble, and Josh Groban...we've done our job...have fun...
Intimate Valentines with The Amazing Waiters™.Valentines with The Amazing Waiters™.

Working with and as Wait Staff

Caterers love the Amazing Waiters as a great party entertainment idea. They get a little help on the front end of dinner, because remember...we are "waiters"...we do serve to give the appearance we are waiters...then, once that magic time arrives, we are no longer waiters...we are Singing Waiters! The caterer gets to takes a breather to prepare for the final stretch of the evening.

Depending on your vision, The Amazing Waiters show can be more upbeat or a little more subdued...we are happy to discuss.

Acoustic Singing Waiter Shows

We use the best singers in the business. There are times, in smaller or more intimate settings, the performers do the show acoustically. No mics. If you have a setting that might merit this, give us a call for special pricing.

We are happy to discuss then put forth a unique and customized show for you and your guests. We take our work seriously and we have some very talented people on our staff that assists us with making everything go smoothly.

Please go to our main page for more show options...perhaps our Amazing Waiters and a Chef.

Do you need SOUND Production?

The Amazing Waiters™ now provide entertainment sound for your dinner party. Our prices are very competitive and you won't have to stress trying to find yet another vendor.
If you have party entertainment in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego or Santa Barbara Counties, give us a call at 619-356-5478, or email us at info@amazingwaiters.com for more information on our sound options or your event.

Amazing Waiters great sound at a great price for party entertainment in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.