Fundraising entertainment ideas with The Amazing Waiters™ Surprise Singing Waiter Act.

Fundraising and Charities with The Amazing Waiters™

Over the years, our surprise singing waiters have performed at numerous Non-Profit and For-Profit Fundraisers for Churches, Synagogues, large National Organizations like The Rotary Club and others. We are happy and honored to work with yours.

Word of Mouth is Best

Frequently, after our show, the guys get approached by guests, telling them that the show was "amazing", the best they've ever seen, "can you perform at our charity?", and so on...
At this point, we know we've done our job. We also know that after a successful Amazing Waiters Show, is the best time to discuss other upcoming events.


Fundraisers are for raising money. But, you must spend money to put your event together...bring potential donors and contributors "in"...and then get them excited. How do you do that? A band is probably not going to give you the impact you're looking for...A magician isn't either... You could try a Comedian...those can be hit and miss...OK. This is where a nice surprise show with just the right about of comedy, fun and great singing works best! The Amazing Waiters...blind-siding your unsuspecting guests during the meal portion of your event. Before they know it, it's a well-balanced show happening right before their eyes and before they know it, they've had high-energy entertainment and you're into the auction part of your event. Your guests are primed, excited and engaged! They're going to spend money on your charity! Our show is designed to increase the heart rate and get people excited. That's what you want your guests to be...exicited and raring to go!

When we work with fundraising organizations, we always say, "Try and have your auction right AFTER our show...". It is very effective!

Fundraising Auctions right after singing waiters is best


The Amazing Waiters offer a generous "non-profit" show price reduction. Call us toll free, 855-899-7701

Fundraising with The Amazing Waiters, Singing Waiters Surprise Entertainment


Always...creating just the right length of show or incorporating a specific theme for your fun night.

The Amazing Waiters perform in all types of venues across the United States. Nationally based in Orange County, California and regional offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Chicago, Illinois, the group loves working with local organizations on their fundraising efforts.

To see the type of fundraising shows the Amazing Waiters™ can offer, please go to The Amazing Waiters' main web page and look under: "SINGING WAITER SHOWS"...perhaps a show that features our Singing Chef?


No one knows the Amazing Waiters show better than we do. The Amazing Waiters™ now provide reasonably-priced sound production for your event, up to 500 guests. Our prices are very competitive and you won't have to stress trying to find yet another vendor.
Give us a call at 855-899-7701 Toll Free, or email us at for more information on our sound options or your event.

Amazing Waiters great sound at a great price.