"Bon Jour! I'm Chef Francois..."

The Amazing Singing French Chef, Francois

The Amazing Singing Chef

Oh yes! Francois is a world-class, Michelin-Rated Chef. He was an apprentice in Lyon, France and then went on to Paris where he was accepted at Le Cordon Bleu. The rest is history!

Now, Chef Francois, head chef for over 3 years at your event, hotel, catering company...is moving on to become head Chef at one of the most prestigious kitchens in the US as well as just signing a new book deal to write his first recipie book entitled, "My Hands...".

Chef is so excited that he wants to express his happiness in song (he does this frequently and usually with guets).


This one man show is filled with comedy, improvisation and song. Chef M brings up audience members and he talks "food" with them! You'll never know what will happen!

The show revolves around your actual dinner service. He will know your menu and will come out in full chef garb to explain what they are about to eat with fun flair and entertainment.
Several options are available during the courses. Chef can have a table, center stage, and bring up a special audience guest to help him prepare a sample dish or he can do a fun wine pairing segment with a small group of guests, right on stage, LIVE, for all the guests to see and enjoy.
This Chef is like no other Chef. He's an instigator and takes great pleasure in poking fun at other people while they try and prepare food or say French words. It's a fabulous culinary show!

At the final course, Chef decides he's had so much fun, he wants to give back to the guests by giving them a sample of what he will be doing in his next kitchen...SING! Chef sings a couple of fun songs all the time involving and entertaining.

This show is perfect for numerous events including: Private Parties, Corporate Meetings (Team Building), Engagement Parties, Country Club Events, Culinary or Wine Tasting Events, Small Kitchen Parties, Tours and Casinos!


Production requirements for our Singing Chef is minimal but can vary, depending on what you'd like him to do.
1 - Headset microphone
# - Speakers (to amplify sound)
1 - Small Sound Mixer

He travels light and packs an amazing punch. A great value!

*We offer sound production for this show. Let us know when you inquire and we'll give you bundle pricing.


Let us add a sous chef or one or two singing waiters to the mix and see what happens!

Doing specialized shows makes our work so much more rewarding. You give us the ideas and we put it into a fabulous show, surprising your guests with customized twists-a win-win scenario each and every time.

Based in Southern California, our Amazing Singing Chef is ready to travel anywhere in the World. He's a one-of-a-kind performer and an expert at improv.
Email us: info@amazingwaiters.com for more information.
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