Adam Lambert to Star on Glee!

Adam Lambert to grace the set of Glee Adam Lambert

We are very happy to hear that Adam Lambert will be on Glee in some capacity next season.  The former Musical Theater Performer has come a long way since his stint on a Los Angeles stage with Val Kilmer in “The Ten Commandments.“.

Speculation has been running rampant as to what Lambert’s role will be.   Initially Lambert stated he would like to play himself.  Why not?  The guy has morphed into an undisputable representative of the minority and with a rampant following of Glamberts he may transform the entertainment landscape again by creating Gleekerts.  No matter… American Idol really goofed when they didn’t work out a deal for Adam to become a judge on his former star transporter possibly giving the show a jolt out of the DOA fix it’s gotten itself into.



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