Amazing Singing Waiter Holiday Show in Rolling Hills, California


Singing to an unsuspecting luncheon guest in los angeles

The guys love singing to the ladies.

The Amazing Waiters brought in the Holiday Season with some personally served surprise entertainment for a lovely group of ladies at their Country Club Holiday Luncheon in Rolling Hills, California this past weekend.

Posing as Waiters, the guys infiltrated the on-site staff and proceeded to transform from waiters to entertainers singing a mix of Christmas Classics, Rat Pack and Broadway Favorites intertwined with a specially-written script.  The ladies were completely surprised!

3 Amazing Waiters surprie guests in los angeles

“It was great to get back to one of our favorite clients on the Peninsula here in LA”, stated Singing Waiter, James. “I really don’t think they were seeing a show until our third waiter made his grand entrance.  By then, we were singing our 4th or 5th song…It was a fun time!”.

No Hassle Sound Equipment

The club wanted the Amazing Waiter special sound option which made it very easy for them.  We had the peace of mind of having our own sound system and they were relieved they didn’t have to coordinate a third party for our needs.

See The Amazing Waiters Video to see some ideas on how they perform a customized show for you.

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Opera Singing Waiters Event Entertainment in Chicago

Opera Singing Waiters Event Entertainment just got more accessible in Chicago!

Entree Entertainment and The Amazing Waiters are happy to announce the availability of Opera Singing Waiters Event Entertainment in Chicago, Illinois.  Recently opening our latest regional branch in the Windy City, we are looking forward to working locally with many fabulous performers and clients to make the Chicago Live Entertainment scene just that much better.

Singing Waiters Midwestern Region Coverage

Our Chicago-based Singing Waiters will cover “local” areas across the Midwest, including Milwaukee, Bloomington, South Bend, Indianapolis, Detroit, Columbus and Toledo and all regions in between.

Amazing Singing Waiters Shows

For ideas on how The Amazing Waiters can be a great addition to your Wedding Reception, Business Meeting, Holiday or Small Party, see TAW website, or call toll free 855-899-7701 we are happy to discuss your event  with you!


With offices in southern california, las vegas, new york and now chicago.  See why the Amazing Waiters are the premiere surprise entertainment act in the united states.

Rave Wedding Entertainment Review from our Boston Show

This was so good, we had to share…

This past weekend, The Amazing Waiters were privileged, to surprise BOTH Bride and Groom with a gift from the Mother of the Bride.  Although sometimes risky (when both parties don’t know) to do a wedding reception show like this without either knowing, we were happy to customize this show around and even embracing that with the blessing of the Bride’s Mother.

It was a very cool (although weather-wise it wasn’t) outdoor Bostonian-Styled wedding and reception with the blazers and light pants.  The tables were very elegant outside this hidden stone manor about an hour north of the City Proper.

The Amazing Waiters in Boston MA

Sound Check for Wedding Reception in Boston MA.

This show featured James (General Manager of TAW) and Sean (our East Coast TAW Representative), two long time friends and very versed in handling about anything that can get  thrown at them.

The specially written show consisted of inside jokes, dialogue and some fabulous songs that ranged from Broadway, Jazz (Rat Pack) to Opera.  The surprise knocked the newlyweds for a loop and brought them to their feet numerous times during the show.

After the show, the mother of the bride sent a very nice letter that is most worth sharing:

Hi James,

Besides our beautiful daughter and new son in law, the Amazing Waiters stole the show. You were simply extraordinarily amazing and fun. The sad thing the singing was so good we wanted to hear more and more songs. Everyone was surprised and some were so touched by the choice of songs that they choked up.

We made the absolute right choice in hiring you.

Thank you for the happy memories.


You are most welcome Pauline!  And, as we said at the wedding, we’ll plan on being there for the Silver Anniversary as well!



Here is an excerpt of the live show we performed.  If you’d like a show like this, call the amazing waiters for the best pricing available.  855-899-7701

TSA’s latest Frequent Traveler Option – PRE

TSA and the PRE for Frequent Travelers

In an attempt to reduce long security lines at major airports, TSA has introduced its own version of a VIP Traveler.  Something similar to those lucky stiffs who get to pre-board on your flights-on that red carpet.  You know them, they wait comfortably in the seating area while you jockey for position at the gate, even though you are a Zone 3 and they haven’t even gotten to one yet.  You’re one of those, right? 

Well maybe you can join TSA’s PRE and at least feel like you know something about travel. 

With TSA’s PRE, certain airlines at certain airports will allow some of their frequent flyers, based on TSA criteria to opt-in to this program.  Those who are already NEXUS or SENTRI already have this privilege.  So, if you’re one of those, you might want to surf another BLOG page on here.

If you are interested TSA PRE for International Travel, you’re out of luck.  It’s not being offered at this time.  Also, if any leg of an itinerary is international, the passenger will not qualify for TSA Pre™ for that itinerary and will go through traditional screening.  So, needless-to-say, there are a lot of prerequisites to obtaining this privilege.  Our suggestion is if you don’t travel more than 80-100K year, just wait in line.  You will spend all your valuable time looking online, trying to figure out which airport and airline does this when you could have bought a nice sport coat for your trip online during that same time.  Shop online, it’s cheaper. 


*If you REALLY want to know more about TSA’s new Pre option, go here.   

 If you want more information on the World’s best Singing Waiter Act, go here.

The Amazing Waiters – an original made in the USA

Our group originated in the good ole’ USA. 

Amazing United States Singing Waiters

There are no other Singing Waiter Acts that do what we do in the USA.  Get the original made in the USA.

A little known factoid is that the Modern Singing Waiter act was a collaborative effort between hotel owners in Western Europe and some singing waiters in a little restaurant in the Hollywood, California area around 1987.

Upon seeing the value of bringing “foreigners” to Europe, the hotel owners (a group of owners) decided to do a test run.  The following Winter, history was made, The Singing Waiter group in all their American splendor and American charm, plopped down their music binders and began honing their shows in front of live audiences.  Armed with medleys from Broadway Shows and Operatic Arias, the 5 singer group sang acoustically in smoke-filled rooms for hours each night.  The live pianist played and played…and then when the night was over, they did it again the next night, serving up quality Broadway-Styled entertainment to Europeans who had only, in many cases, listened to their tapes of Broadway shows.  This was unique, cutting-edge and the first of its kind on a large scale.

As time went by, the European Economy changed, flights got more expensive, hotels weren’t booked to capacity and the Singing Waiter tours got shorter and shorter.

It was then when two men, named James and Doug, decided to bring the Original Singing Waiter act “home”, to the US.  So in 2007, after a 20 year successful European run and thousands upon thousands of performances, this singing waiter act came home to the USA.

It was an interesting time, there were several copy-cat acts…some with a modicum amount of success and even others that falsely claimed to be the “original singing waiter act” (and still do, unfortunately).  So, in the midst of all this, the group retooled its own act and set out to reacquaint US event party planners, booking agents and Americans with the real original Singing Waiter act!

The group retained it’s original  5 person/performer shows in the European-Style they created and with the leadership of James (one of the partners), co-created The Amazing Waiters, a Singing Waiter Act, in the tradition of the original group but offering a maximum of three singing waiters performing highly-customized shows at very desirable price points.

There are still copy-cat acts out there, many of which, ironically were not created in the United States (some actually from Europe).  The only way to know that you are getting the original, is to go to the website, here.

Get the only US-Branded Singing Waiter Group with the lineage to prove it.

Singing Waiters in Los Angeles

Singing Waiters perform customized shows. It is the only Singing Waiter act in the USA that does. Call us toll free, 855-899-7701

With over 25 years experience in Singing Waiter Entertainment, The Amazing Waiters are ready to make your party or event very memorable.