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Performing across the United States we get to see a lot of places, the insides of hotels, conference rooms, etc.  We also get to meet lots and lots of people along the way.  Recently, we had the privileged to construct a special singing waiters surprise show for a wedding reception in the Naples, Florida area.

Naples, Florida Map

the amazing waiters in naples, florida for a surprise wedding reception.

If you’ve never been in this part of the country in the Spring, it’s worth the trip.  There’s a reason why Snow Birds from the “North” reside down there during the cold, blustery Winter months.  It’s lovely.

Snow-Birds to Naples, Florida

snow birds to “migrate” to warm places like Naples, Florida to escape the Midwestern Cold.


Edie is a former Broadway “Baby”, having sung in several theatrical productions in her career and knew what she wanted and how she wanted it.  When she contacted us, she literally auditioned us with numerous questions about our show, our singers, etc.  She was clearly not an “average” client.  As we talked we finally got to singers…singers who might be doing the show…and as chance would have it (or not) we have a couple of well-known Broadway performers on our modest roster in the NY Area…one of which she knew (of) very well.  When his name came up, she immediately wanted to know if he’d be available.  Well, he was and that was that.  Edie, was thrilled.  Not only was she getting a personalized show, she was getting a performer that she knew and had seen on Broadway.  She immediately secured the details (this was 6 months prior) and we were off to the races!

singing with the bride to be, this girl was over the moon...and so was her groom after she sang this fabulous duet to him.

singing with the bride to be, this girl was over the moon…and so was her groom after she sang this fabulous duet to him.


As mentioned earlier, we get to meet a lot of people along the way.  We also get to know our Clients pretty well during the process of writing and creating their special show.  This journey was no different…among many things, we learned that Edie’s fiance was a special forces war veteran (retired) and her mother was a former Opera Star with The Metropolitan Opera and she would be at the wedding reception.  We were thrilled.  We immediately wanted to sing, “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Opera, “Turandot” as a sort of homage to her and her career.  It was PERFECT!


With the water and weather perfectly blending, and the Spring taste in the air, we had a great time singing a fabulous surprise Singing Waiters Show for the newly weds. The guests were thrilled and there was much laughter had by all.  There are a few great photos on our website and we hope to post a little video from the ceremony at a later date.

Should we tell them who we really are?

What? You’re really NOT Waiters? That’s right…singing


Congratulations to the newly weds, Edie and Steven and than you for letting The Amazing Waiters be a part of your special day!



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Wedding Entertainment in Orange County, California

Planning a wedding in Orange County, California means you have easy access to some of the best wedding entertainers in the country. There is no shortage of talent available to perform at your wedding, no matter how formal or casual it is.

Orange County Map

Orange County Wedding Entertainment

For a truly romantic and elegant wedding reception, you can’t get a better entertainer than singers such as Dan Covel. This popular local solo artist is well known for bringing his soft but clear voice to the table for any special occasion or event. After performing for the Queen Mary and at concert halls across the country, Dan Covel can make the happiest day of your life that much happier through his performances. He entertains at both wedding ceremonies and receptions and can even provide soft, soothing music for seating guests at the ceremony and while dinner is served at the reception.

If you are looking to bring some energy and excitement to your wedding reception, you may want to consider surprises for your guests, such as The Fabulous Ultratones Dance Band. This six to 12 piece band has performed all over Orange County, entertaining at countless weddings and other special events. With both male and female singers, the band offers a unique sound that includes a full horn section. The band performs everything from standard wedding songs to top 40 music.

For a more classic feel, you can always book Electric Violinist Paul McIntire. This seasoned professional has been performing for decades and appeals to a very broad audience. He uses many different genres of music to convey all the emotions fit for any wedding ceremony and reception. As such a creative and unique performer, he will wow your guests and help contribute to the memories of your wedding day.

If you happen to be throwing a Hawaiian themed wedding you can rent the Laguna Beach Luaus for your reception. The Pacific Edge Hotel is the home base for the Laguna Beach Luaus. If you book one of their packages for your wedding your guests will get to use a walkway lit by tiki torches. At the end of the walkway each guest receives a tropical drink and special leis placed around their necks. Each wedding package offered by the Laguna Beach Luaus come complete with Hawaiian themed decorations and entertainment and you and your guests will be able to dine on authentic Hawaiian foods.

For a truly unique experience many Orange County couples choose to hire the Super Star Dancers to perform at their wedding. They accept requests and will put on a customized

orange county entertainers

dancers in orange county

show just for you and your wedding guests. The Super Star Dancers use their dance moves as an expression of art. They can bring a rich cultural experience to any wedding, no matter what the theme of it is. The Super Star Dancers often perform with props used to enhance their show.

These are just a few of the many options you have for Orange County weddings.

orange county weddings

wedding entertainment in orange county, ca



based in orange county, california, the amazing waiters provide unique surprise wedding entertainment that fits any budget.  see their website, or call today for a free quote 855-899-7701



Now that Tax Season is over, let’s talk about spending money for a fun reason!  Weddings!


Spring and Summer Weddings

Having been privy to a few well-done weddings this Winter we would like to share some great things we say and suggest for your upcoming nuptials!

There are several must-do lists out there and we are not going to deal with that.  We are interested in all that other stuff that makes the wedding a cut above the rest.  We already assume you know about all that other stuff…Now let’s get to the nitty gritty.


Ok.  So the wedding party has entered, food is beginning to get served.  You know that there are going to be a few things including the speeches, first dance, etc.   BUT now let’s kick it up about 10 notches…


SINGING WAITERS (uhm, we love this option…)  Give your guests the unexpected.  You just had your wedding in a barn, beach, the  parking lot…why not continue the unexpected theme?  Waiters that infiltrate the staff then erupt into a fun and inviting singing show, satisfying some potential down time with still enough rope to hang yourselves with all those speeches!

CALM THE HECKLERS.  Have a comedian pose as the MC during dinner and then do a roast of the bridal party…or others?


Hire a LIVE ARTIST.  This person can sketch, paint, render images and great moments taking place on the fly, while the event is happening!  Talk about something fun to incorporate!  They could even paint on the Bride and Groom’s get-away vehicle!

Have a MASSEUSE in the house!  Tired feet and tired guests have to sit down.  Have a roaming masseuse give a neck or foot rub while they do so.

A STROLLING VIOLINIST says “welcome to the party!”  Have them play “That’s Amore” while you suck down some reception grape!

CLOSE-UP MAGIC is a great addition if you have kids in the mix.  It makes them feel like you paid attention to them as well.  The parents will be happy to cut the rug without worrying about them for 4 minutes.

Master of Ceremonies (MC) is a great way to add class to a night!  “Oh the DJ can do that.”  Uhm.  Maybe…if you have lots going on, the DJ is there to mix music.  The DJ is usually not equipped to handle a detailed schedule of announcements.  Why burden them with that?  Get the MC.  Your night will flow so much better and you won’t have to worry what comes next.  Have another drink!


Wedding Reception Options

Maybe use Guys too…

Except no cigs please.  No need to smoke up the place when you can do it much safer outside, in the privacy of your own smoke.  Have these models, walk around with shots, party favors (poppers or confetti), mustaches, etc.  Hey!  It’s a party!  A few little fun party favors passed around the mid to second half of the dancing will really pick it up!  It will also make for great photos for that expensive photographer to take.

Have other ideas?  Great!  Send us the pics!  We love pics!



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