TAW Sister Act To Perform Rare Live Perormance In Palm Desert

The Amazing Tenors, part of the “Amazing” Brand of live entertainment in the US and sister act to The Amazing Waiters, will be entertaining guests with their fabulous style of entertainment at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets Expansion Celebration, April 26, 2014 at 12:30 – 1:15PM and 3:30 – 4:15PM


The Amazing Tenors are a specialty singing act that is reminiscent of the famed Three Tenors and sing around the World in private concerts at Corporate Events, Weddings and Galas.

This is a rare opportunity to see this California-Based act live and FREE in Cabazon, California.  See their flyer (below) for details.  See you there! #TAT

The Amazing Tenors:  Opera Entertainment

The Amazing Tenors to perform live at the Cabazon Re-Opening.



February 19, 2014

It has recently come to our attention that a competitor or ours, The Three Waiters has high jacked our trademarked domain name, “The Amazing Waiters” and redirected it to their website to make you think The Amazing Waiters are their act.  Please BEWARE, The Three Waiters are NOT The Amazing Waiters.  Although our act, The Amazing Waiters, started out as a singing waiter act, our group has evolved into a premiere surprise entertainment act, with numerous show options that are completely customized for each and every performance, whether it be a Corporate Event, Conference, Wedding, Live Stage Show, or any other public or private appearance.


NOTE: The Three Waiters are NOT The Amazing Waiters

The Amazing Waiters official website is www.amazingwaiters.com 

So you know the difference we’ve put the two main pages side by side.

The Amazing Waiters official website is on the left.  Don't be tricked into being diverted through another domain.

Rest assured, The Amazing Waiters will aggressively work on resolving this matter with The Three Waiters to stop this deceptive practice.  We will keep you all posted on future developments.


The Amazing Waiters are committed to bringing you the best surprise entertainment the World has to offer.  Since The Three Waiters seem to be so anxious to get you to their site, we personally invite you to get a quote from them.   Once you do, call us at 855-899-7701 in the US, or 1-619-356-5478.  Not only will you find that our show will be more reasonable in price, but you will get more for your money, with flexibility and service that is unparalleled in the business, even offering a “Best Price Guarantee”  The Amazing Waiters have and will continue to bring major Broadway and Operatic performers to your event that we think will be the best surprise show you’ve ever seen.  That is our promise with no deceptive, disingenuous or deceitful practices.

James Anest, 
Managing Director & Creator
The Amazing Waiters


For more information on The Amazing Waiters and the range of surprise entertainment they offer, visit their website, www.AmazingWaiters.com

The Amazing Waiters: Singing Waiter Entertainment

Customized Corporate Entertainment for around the World.



The Amazing Waiters are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Entree Entertainment, Inc.  All Rights Reserved, 2014

The 3 Threes in Entertainment


Good things come in threes. This is especially true in the entertainment world, where several different trios have grabbed our attention and stole the show. From literary characters, to movie stars, to musicians, three seems to be the magic number for success.

The comedy genre has most often seen its share of triplets, from the modern Blue Collar Comedy Group, featuring Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, and Bill Engvall, to Chevy Chase, Martin Short and Steve Martin in the film Three Amigos. Not to be excluded is the classic 1934 vaudeville act, The Three Stooges, who cultivated a legacy that has influenced comedy long past their prime.


Las Vegas with The Rat Pack

The ultimate trio of entertainers, The Rat Pack.

Comedy isn’t the only area where a collection of three artists makes a prominent statement.  Music also has its share of spectacular trios. Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin, otherwise known as The Rat Pack, often sold out all their appearances and created a whole new level of economic growth for the city of Las Vegas. From the late 1950’s to the end of the 60’s, American Folk music saw a revival thanks in part to The Kingston Trio. The Kingston Trio featured a lineup of Dave Guard, Bob Shane, and Nick Reynolds, who laid the path for popular music in the United States with never before seen record sales.




America wasn’t the only place to discover the power of three in music. Spain managed to hit the charts with The Three Tenors, comprised of Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras, and found instant international success.

First Three Tenor Concert was in Los Angeles, CA

The Three Tenors stunned the world with their amazing opera singing.


Charlie's Angeles Trio

A women’s trio of entertainers in Los Angeles






Many successful trios have also thrived on both the big screen and the more intimate television screens across the globe. In 1981, Charlie’s Angels offered a triple threat inboth mediums, with the original TV show chronicling the adventures of three females (Jaclyn Smith, Farah Fawcett, and Kate Jackson) working in a Los Angeles based detective agency. In 2000, the series was reignited when it was turned into a feature film, and again in 2003 with the production of Charlie’s Angels: Full throttle. This franchise has spawned several different entertainment categories, from comic books to video games.

Sometimes, the literary world can help heighten the importance of a trio in the entertainment industry. Most recently, the world has seen a cult following emerge from The Harry potter series, which follows Harry, Ron and Hermione. They are often referred to as The Golden Trio. This trio is responsible for the creation of several movies, video games, and even a theme park.

From these examples, it can be easily concluded that the entertainment industry has seen success in with several different 3s. The triple dose of talent seen by these groups has amplified the stories they tell and the way most have come to view the overall concept of trios in general.

for a trio of highly-skilled entertainers for your event, party, fundraiser or Holiday, the amazing waiters, specialize in surprise event entertainment world-wide with acts like the amazing waiters x3 & the three singing tenors. 855-899-7701


Three Tenor Entertainment with The Amazing Waiters

Bring elegance and sophistication with one of our Three Tenor shows.  Leading men from the Operatic Stage sing an amazing show from the most beloved operas.  Carmen, La Boheme, La Traviata, Madama Butterfly, The Barber of Seville, Turandot, Don Giovanni, The Pearl Fishers and many more.

Arias, Duets, commentary and even some fun banter make up these interesting and entertaining shows.  This is fabulous entertainment for all ages.

Three Tenor Entertainment

The Amazing Waiters produce Three Tenor Shows

Just like every Singing Waiter show, our Three Tenor shows are customized for your event, whether it’s a Wedding reception, an intimate dinner for two, a corporate function, private party, or huge arena, The Amazing Three Tenor Show will be an unforgettable engagement with elegance.

Download and print our flyer:  Three Tenor Entertainment with The Amazing Waiters. 


Here’s a sample of one of our live shows singing a long-forgotten Placido Domingo love song

Non Piu Andrai from Mozart’s “Marriage of Figero” sung live!


Opera in Orange County California

Will Opera Come Back To Orange County?

It’s unfortunate but we have to think that it will not…at least not in the form of a legitimate Opera Company. But, before we delve into this issue, let’s go back…before the economic meltdown of 2007-2008.

In the US, economy drives the arts. Meaning, that if Corporations and people, in general, are “in the money”, so are the arts. Since the late 2007 US Economic “Meltdown”, the arts have suffered dramatically because no one’s in the money like they used to me. But it really didn’t start there.

Opera, since it’s heyday (ending around the late 1950’s) has been experiencing a steady decline in popularity and attendance. It’s not a surprise, once the popular music of its day, Opera has had the misconception that it’s “out of touch”, “elitist”, “expensive” and “stuffy”…yes and no. On the surface, yes. Ticket prices are expensive. Mounting operas are a massive undertaking. It takes a small army to produce a decent opera that includes sets, orchestra, large choruses, and soloists. The Met in New York City can have as many as 100 Orchestra Performers, 120 Chorus Members, 15-20 Soloists and another 15-20 Supernumeraries (Supers or Extras, as named in the Film Industry), and 30-50 Tech Crew Members. That doesn’t include all the ushers, security and ticket people in the theater, parking attendants, and administrative/support staff. Get the picture? But the part of the picture most people don’t get is, that Opera is not elitist. Opera is quite the contrary.

Maria Callas on Time Magazine

The heyday of opera put Diva Maria Callas on the Cover of major publications like Time.

Opera, like most theater art-forms is a form of expression. Opera, rooted in theater (plays, like Shakespeare and before him, Greek Tragedies) was the medium the common folk flocked to and enjoyed, along side royalty…which was usually their oppressors. Subtle mockery of the class structure was common. Rebellion, aggression and sometimes overt messages to revolt were imbedded in many operas by Mozart, Verdi, Mussorgsky and others. Sometimes riots/fights broke out during operas once messages were realized or even if a singer did not perform to par!

Guiseppe Verdi, Composer

One of the greatest Italian National Composers of all time. Guiseppe Verdi

But that was then and this is now. We found this article about the healthy state of Opera in America by The American in July 2007, just as the economic meltdown was starting. It stated that there were 125 American Opera Companies in the US…more than Germany and Italy and roughly more Americans “attend live opera performances as attend NFL Games.” Roughly 20 million Opera admissions per year. Here, in Orange County we had Opera Pacific, a great alternative to the OC Commute to LA Opera. There were even talks of the company going year-round. Poof! Gone! All in a matter of two years, the corporate and private subsidies dried up and the doors were closed for good.

Rich Orange County has no Opera Company.

With the withering of Opera Pacific, there is no viable opera company in Orange County

Private money does. Corporations, private foundations, and a few still-existing national endowments keep the doors open. Season subscribers keep butts in seats and the General Mangers, their jobs. Beloved operas like Carmen, Madama Butterfly and La Bohème are all-time audience favorites attracting novices and seasoned theater go-ers to alike. Season subscribers love the standards. Another conundrum if you are the General Manager of an Opera Company. You have to please your base but offering new operas and educating the public on them is absolutely necessary if the Operatic Art Form is to survive.

Ticket Sales for Operas

Opera Tickets don’t solely keep the doors open.

Art is timeless. So is great Opera. But the medium on how we receive our art is changing. The Metropolitan Opera in New York has, in the last two years, desperately tried to reach out to the general public by making their opera performances more accessible by offering them in regional movie theaters. Now, one can purchase a ticket at a fraction of the price of a live performance (and save you the air fare to NY City), get some popcorn and sit and watch a LIVE Metropolitan Opera Production in HD streaming directly in the movie theater. Cool! Very cool. As a bonus, the viewer is privy to backstage footage and live interviews of the stars singing as they enter and exit the stage. That’s amazing access. But is it reaching new audiences? The jury seems to still be out.

Beamed Opera Broadcasts into Movie Theaters

Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts live into select movie theaters across the United States

Orange County California is one of the most affluent Counties in California. With over 3 Million residents, it is the 3rd largest population-wise but the smallest land-wise in Southern California. The main artistic center is the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa. Segerstrom Center for the Arts provides all kinds of entertainment year-round and is the former home of the now defunct Opera Pacific.


The Amazing Singing Waiters

The Amazing Waiters 855-899-7701

The Amazing Waiters/The Amazing Tenors-Three Opera Tenor Shows are available for private and corporate events in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.  Featuring operatic performers with the Los Angeles Opera and The Metropolitan Opera, they provide timeless entertainment for discerning audiences.

855-899-7701 (Toll Free)

The Amazing Waiters X3 in Phoenix, Arizona

This past month, The Amazing Waiters were in the great city of Phoenix, Arizona performing for a very appreciative (and large) group of banking professionals.

The show was through-scripted and customized from top to bottom.  It included several quips about their brand, why they were there and who and what happened during those few days of work and play.  CEO’s and Bank Presidents can be a tough crowd from time to time and that’s why it’s nice to be flexible in how our shows are presented.  It can mean the difference of indifference and memorable!

We posted the highlights of the show here in a video.  The Phoenix show musically, ranged from Broadway (West Side Story) to Opera (Nessun Dorma).  The variety of our musical programs never stops to shock guests.  But then, we only use major Broadway and Operatic talent, negating the possible vocal blooper that can happen with some of the other acts we’ve encountered.  Ouch!

It was great to be back working for one of our favorite clients and look forward to taking over Phoenix again soon!

If you have a group of hard-to-please conference go-ers, contact us 855-899-7701.  We have ideas!


The New Three Tenors Page

Wanted you all to know that the parent company of The Amazing Waiters (Entree Entertainment, Inc.) has just added a new page to The Amazing Waiter website.  Our latest option, based on the 1990’s Three Tenor phenomena simply called 3 Amazing Tenors.  It features detailed show options based on the original Three Tenors Show and new photos of our group performing.  Have us give you a dose of nostalgia!

Give a click!

Here are some people tweeting, even now, after the trio has been disbanded for years!


The Three Tenors – Libiamo Ne’lieti Calici: http://t.co/xvbbGtWhYF via @youtube

i would pay BIG money to see The Three Tenors in action, those are the kinds of things i will spend money on

Мне понравилось видео “The Three Tenors – Christmas Concert (Viena-1999), full” (http://t.co/D8NDxWWH4P) на

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist http://t.co/PaqPz49S6T The Three Tenors – Nessun Dorma