FAA Makes Decision on Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Today the FAA announced that they will allow passengers to play games, watch videos and read books on their electronic devices during take off and landing, effective as early as the end of the year.

Cellphone use will still be restricted to airplane mode or cell service disabled, according to the Agency.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx feels that the decision “honors both our commitment to safety and consumers’ increasing desire to use their electronic devices during all phases of their flights…”.

Debate on whether it’s a good idea has been on the table for years…ever since electronic devices became much more accessible by the general public and more sophisticated.  Although this is a new move by the FAA, it’s a small gesture towards the real want that many passengers want-the ability to make calls, on their personal cellphone while in the air.

Airlines debate cell phone usage

Should cell phone calls be allowed on air flights?

Being an International Entertainment Act, all of The Amazing Waiters travel frequently, on numerous airlines during the year.  “After taking an informal poll, most of us feel that allowing passengers to make calls during flights would be a bad idea”, states James Anest, Co-Creator of the group.  “Just close your eyes and imagine this…imagine being on a flight, already cramped (if you’re in Coach), and the guy in the middle seat starts chatting on the phone 10 minutes into your 6 hour fight.  He talks for 45 minutes.  He can’t hear very well, so guess what?  He talks loudly…just close your eyes and imagine this…now imagine 4 or 5 other people around you doing the same thing…make sure you buy a good set of noise-canceling headphones….”  It’s not hard to understand why some would not want this.  According to a USA Today article written in October of 2012, “Airline customers have commonly opposed in-flight Cellphone capabilities because passengers don’t want to endure listening to calls from their fellow travelers on a flight,” says Victoria Day, spokeswoman for the industry group Airlines for America.

Should in air calling be allowed?

Making calls could be a distraction on airline flights

Many travelers would argue it’s an efficient way to conduct business on longer flights, thus making air travel more viable in the age of telecommunication-lengthening the work day for air commuters and making them more productive.  According the aforementioned USA Today article, “There is a misconception out there that it is dangerous,” says Patrick Brannelly, spokesman for Emirates Airline, which began offering the service in 2008 and now has it on about 90 of 175 planes. “I think the real fear is people jabbering on the phone at loud volume, annoying people around them. That just simply hasn’t happened.”

What would the cost be?  We think that the only reason the FAA has not allowed cell phone calls on planes during flight is because Cell Phone companies have not found a way to adequately charge for them.  If airlines cannot get a piece of the action for cell calls placed on their planes, why allow it?  The FAA report, which surveyed airlines about how the services work, found complaints about the cost of service or uncertainty about its availability on some planes. Costs vary. One carrier charges $12 a minute, though the price typically is about $2.50 for an average two-minute call.  If the charge is this high, maybe it won’t be such a pain to everyone around them.

What do you think?


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Meet the Two Amazing Waiters!

The Two Amazing Waiters

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Out of the Singing Waiter tradition, this spectacular duo of performers can entertain any guest count.  And, as all of our shows, this one can be acoustic up to about 20 people, depending on size and room dynamics, eliminating microphones!


The Two Amazing Waiter shows can range from Jazz Standards to Opera Classics and everything in between.  Have a music theme idea?  If not, here are a few to consider:

* The Rat Pack:  Music from the 1960s sung by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.  Black suits, thin ties.  It’s Mad Men that sing.

* Opera Divos:  Want some attitude?  Operatic Flair?  This show brings it to the “nth” degree.  Opera attitude and Operatic Singing that will not only impress your guests vocally, but there is a fair amount of fun dialogue that stereotypes this genre.

The Bond Men:  James Bonds (yes plural)…if one Bond is good, two must be GREAT.  Get a one-two punch with elegant guys that sing the hits from Bond.  Crank up the testosterone!

Uncompromising entertainment by the best Broadway and Operatic Performers available!  These shows are always specifically written for you and your event.  Whether it’s a Corporate Function, Meeting, Wedding Reception, Private Party or Fundraiser, The Amazing Waiters provide the best options at the most desirable price point.  We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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The Amazing Waiters in San Diego, CA

This past weekend, the Amazing Waiters performed at the famed Hard Rock Hotel  in San Diego, California for a small group of very appreciative execs with a well-known cable company (Rock on Ladies and Gents!).

The 25 guests went with a Casino/Old Hollywood Theme having roulette, cards, black jack, craps with a lovely Marilyn Monroe look-alike adding to the theme. The Amazing Waiters, of course, were in waiter garb, one as the Assistant Catering Manager and the other as a good ole’ waiter, passing trays during the gambling and festivities, blending in giving great face time and getting acquainted with the guests.

Marilyn presented some awards with the CEO, dinner came out and then it was showtime!

James started this show with a funny schtick about music and the history of the Hard Rock and immediately went into Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes.  Of course, as most of our Waiter shows go…there is some chaos as to whether it was a show or not (and that’s the way we like it) while they sang hits from the Rat Pack and Old Hollywood Era!  Allie, our lovely latest addition to the singing waiter family, wowed the guests with some amazing renditions of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” made famous by Marilyn, of course, and “Fever” which was a highlight of the evening, later joining James with a duet of “Fly Me To The Moon” and an encore stunner, Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. 

The Hard Rock has some lovely rooms with large wall art of famous Rock artists.  Our green room, for instance, featured the famed Jim Morrison

The Amazing Waiters as a duo in San Diego, CA

James and Allie with Jim Morrison

from the rock band, “The Doors”.  We couldn’t resist taking some pics with Jim looking over us.  The girls had to have some more shots with the rock legend, proving that his allure with the opposite sex is still pretty darn strong.

For more information on this show, we invite you to visit our Facebook page.  For more information on some cutting-edge performance options using one, two or three Amazing Waiters, visit our website,  www.AmazingWaiters.com

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The Amazing Waiters X3 in Phoenix, Arizona

This past month, The Amazing Waiters were in the great city of Phoenix, Arizona performing for a very appreciative (and large) group of banking professionals.

The show was through-scripted and customized from top to bottom.  It included several quips about their brand, why they were there and who and what happened during those few days of work and play.  CEO’s and Bank Presidents can be a tough crowd from time to time and that’s why it’s nice to be flexible in how our shows are presented.  It can mean the difference of indifference and memorable!

We posted the highlights of the show here in a video.  The Phoenix show musically, ranged from Broadway (West Side Story) to Opera (Nessun Dorma).  The variety of our musical programs never stops to shock guests.  But then, we only use major Broadway and Operatic talent, negating the possible vocal blooper that can happen with some of the other acts we’ve encountered.  Ouch!

It was great to be back working for one of our favorite clients and look forward to taking over Phoenix again soon!

If you have a group of hard-to-please conference go-ers, contact us 855-899-7701.  We have ideas!


The Amazing Waiters – an original made in the USA

Our group originated in the good ole’ USA. 

Amazing United States Singing Waiters

There are no other Singing Waiter Acts that do what we do in the USA.  Get the original made in the USA.

A little known factoid is that the Modern Singing Waiter act was a collaborative effort between hotel owners in Western Europe and some singing waiters in a little restaurant in the Hollywood, California area around 1987.

Upon seeing the value of bringing “foreigners” to Europe, the hotel owners (a group of owners) decided to do a test run.  The following Winter, history was made, The Singing Waiter group in all their American splendor and American charm, plopped down their music binders and began honing their shows in front of live audiences.  Armed with medleys from Broadway Shows and Operatic Arias, the 5 singer group sang acoustically in smoke-filled rooms for hours each night.  The live pianist played and played…and then when the night was over, they did it again the next night, serving up quality Broadway-Styled entertainment to Europeans who had only, in many cases, listened to their tapes of Broadway shows.  This was unique, cutting-edge and the first of its kind on a large scale.

As time went by, the European Economy changed, flights got more expensive, hotels weren’t booked to capacity and the Singing Waiter tours got shorter and shorter.

It was then when two men, named James and Doug, decided to bring the Original Singing Waiter act “home”, to the US.  So in 2007, after a 20 year successful European run and thousands upon thousands of performances, this singing waiter act came home to the USA.

It was an interesting time, there were several copy-cat acts…some with a modicum amount of success and even others that falsely claimed to be the “original singing waiter act” (and still do, unfortunately).  So, in the midst of all this, the group retooled its own act and set out to reacquaint US event party planners, booking agents and Americans with the real original Singing Waiter act!

The group retained it’s original  5 person/performer shows in the European-Style they created and with the leadership of James (one of the partners), co-created The Amazing Waiters, a Singing Waiter Act, in the tradition of the original group but offering a maximum of three singing waiters performing highly-customized shows at very desirable price points.

There are still copy-cat acts out there, many of which, ironically were not created in the United States (some actually from Europe).  The only way to know that you are getting the original, is to go to the website, here.

Get the only US-Branded Singing Waiter Group with the lineage to prove it.

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