Singing Waiters Surprise in Palm Beach, Florida


Always ready for a fun surprise, The Amazing Waiters, the world’s leading Singing Waiters act, tailored a especially-scripted show for unsuspecting guests in West Palm Beach Florida this past month. Our 2 Amazing Waiters show featured two of our leading male performers, posing as waiters and surprising dinner guests at a very elegant dinner event in West Palm Beach.

“We love surprises”, the coordinator of the event mentioned, “This has been so hush-hush, only a few people know that you’re even going to be here”.  


Of course, sometimes the surprise show can be a curse since the guests don’t know that there is a singing performance on the horizon.  Sometimes the guests even ask us to actually be “waiters” and request things like a drink or table service and sometimes if the service isn’t up to par, voicing their issues with us and expect us to take action.  

Singing Waiter Surprise Entertainment for events and small parties.

Your table is waiting for you.


It’s fun to know that in a few minutes our waiters we will be performing a fun and interactive singing show for the very same guests…and the look on their faces is priceless.

This particular event in Palm Beach included music from The Rat Pack era, Italian favorites, Broadway shows (like Chicago) and Light Opera.  

A fun time was had by all and many appreciated the surprise element of our show. Our Singing Waiters are looking forward to a repeat performance, sometime in the very near future with one of our other amazing waiter shows…Maybe a SINGING CHEF?

Thanks a lot, West Palm Beach!  

With thousands of performance is credited to them, The Amazing Waiters are Premier Broadway and Operatic performers, regionally stationed in Los Angeles, California;  Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona;  Chicago, Illinois and New York City, New York.

For more information on how one of our customized surprise Singing Waiters shows can amaze your guests,  call us at 855-899-7701 or email us here.

*The Amazing Watiers are a wholly-owned subsidiary of entree entertainment, inc







Three Waiter Dubious Domain Divert – UPDATE

Hello Everyone,

Dubious Practices Update

Well, we are happy to inform you, that as of this moment, because we think it might be temporary…the domain, “The Amazing Waiters” is now parked with Go Daddy.  Upon some investigative work, we found that the name servers were changed to reflect the parking and not the redirect that we reported on our earlier blog post on February 19, 2014.  The screen shot reflects that The Three Waiters disconnected the redirect on Feb 21, 2014.

Did The Three Waiters see our blog post?

The Three Waiter Redirect has stopped for the time being.

The Fight Goes On…

We believe The Three Waiters still own the domain as well as our sister company, The Amazing Tenors which, we now report IS currently being redirected to The Three Waiter’s Website.  The real Amazing Tenors website is…see for yourselves.

The Three Waiters are an Australian Company

The Three Waiters are an Australian Company with a US Branch in New York City Managed by General Manager, Brad Wilson.  The International Headquarters are in Australia with its majority ownership by Mark Bradley and Mark Bradley International.  The Three Waiters and it’s intricate web of bullying extends World-Wide and has been known to muscle on numerous acts that they feel tread on their type of event entertainment, including Tenors Undercover, and Incognito Artists to name just a couple.

Stop All Dubious Business Practices

In closing, we are formally asking The Three Waiters which is managed by Brad Wilson in New York City to cease and desist all dubious practices and to stop targeting The Amazing Waiters and The Amazing Tenors Brand immediately.  There are better ways to try and get business.

The Amazing Waiters


Singing Waiters in Riverside, California

An Amazing Experience:  Singing Waiters LIVE in Riverside, California

Recently, we were privileged to sing a surprise event in Riverside for a very appreciative group of donors and guests at the Double Tree Hotel.  The Amazing Waiters X3-Three Fabulous leading men performed a newly scripted show that featured many subtleties of the group and its staff, bringing just the right touch of personality to the fundraiser Gala.

We set the show in two phases for maximum impact, by creating a rouse that everyone would believe…we blamed this one on the weather (we would tell you but our competition likes to copy what we do).  Later the “Waiters” returned, one by one, creating a one-upman-ship until the rouse turned into a full-blown singing show, featuring Broadway, Jazz, Flamenco and even music by the Beatles!  A fun time was had by all…Especially us!


Here is about 4 minutes of live audio we are happy to post.  We love performing a wide range of music like this show and others we’ve performed.

[embedplusvideo height=”315″ width=”560″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=sBKSmAo32wQ&width=560&height=315&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=0&chapters=&” id=”ep6018″ /]



If you’d like more information on what The Amazing Waiters can do for your event, see our website, or call for a free consultation 855-899-7701.  We are really looking forward to working with you on your next event.



Singing Waiter Special Pricing for Southern California Shows


Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, and now, The Amazing Waiters are offering substantial discounts on their customized shows with sound production for any surprise show in the Southern California Area.

See TAW website for details or call our toll free phone:  855-899-7701

Having show and production, all inclusive means you can save and have worry-free entertainment.  We will even provide sound for the entire evening.  Consider it a two-fer!


One of our Waiters is back on Off Broadway

Amazing Waiter Co-Creator, Sean McDermott is currently starring as Hannibal Lector in SILENCE!  a comedy spoof of the cult film Silence Of The Lambs.  See some show pictures here featuring Sean.  If you are in New York, go see the show.  Tell him “hello” from us!

Silence! The Musical

Sean McDermott is currently starring as Hannibal in the comedy Silence! The musical