The Amazing Waiters in San Diego, CA

This past weekend, the Amazing Waiters performed at the famed Hard Rock Hotel  in San Diego, California for a small group of very appreciative execs with a well-known cable company (Rock on Ladies and Gents!).

The 25 guests went with a Casino/Old Hollywood Theme having roulette, cards, black jack, craps with a lovely Marilyn Monroe look-alike adding to the theme. The Amazing Waiters, of course, were in waiter garb, one as the Assistant Catering Manager and the other as a good ole’ waiter, passing trays during the gambling and festivities, blending in giving great face time and getting acquainted with the guests.

Marilyn presented some awards with the CEO, dinner came out and then it was showtime!

James started this show with a funny schtick about music and the history of the Hard Rock and immediately went into Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes.  Of course, as most of our Waiter shows go…there is some chaos as to whether it was a show or not (and that’s the way we like it) while they sang hits from the Rat Pack and Old Hollywood Era!  Allie, our lovely latest addition to the singing waiter family, wowed the guests with some amazing renditions of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” made famous by Marilyn, of course, and “Fever” which was a highlight of the evening, later joining James with a duet of “Fly Me To The Moon” and an encore stunner, Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. 

The Hard Rock has some lovely rooms with large wall art of famous Rock artists.  Our green room, for instance, featured the famed Jim Morrison

The Amazing Waiters as a duo in San Diego, CA

James and Allie with Jim Morrison

from the rock band, “The Doors”.  We couldn’t resist taking some pics with Jim looking over us.  The girls had to have some more shots with the rock legend, proving that his allure with the opposite sex is still pretty darn strong.

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Carnival Adrift

Singing…”The LOVE Boat”…well, not for these unlucky passengers.  What seems to be ultimate bliss can sometimes go wrong. Unfortunately Carnival seems to have been the most unlucky in the past few years.

Maybe we should be singing “Tiny Bubbles”?

a long road to Ho...and lots of bubbles to pop

Maybe Mr. Ho would have been singing on that ship. Ironic huh?

What would you do?,0,2377470.story

UPDATE:Marck McGrath just announced he won’t be cruising anytime soon.  He’s canceled his special cruise performance, blaming the recent cruise line debacles.

Some Tweets say it all…


After the story of the ship in Italy and now the carnival cruise stranded in the gulf, I think I can safely say I will never go on a cruise.

Carnival cruise stranded in the Gulf of Mexico…omg I’d shoot myself

So glad I am not on Carnival cruise stranded in Gulf of Mexico. Horrendous experience. I would take one of those rafts and jump off..ugh!!

The passengers on the Carnival Cruise stranded for 5 days finally arrived in Alabama. Their tragedy continues.

I’ve never been on a cruise and please believe I won’t be on any Carnival Cruise #Stranded