Last Minute Entertainment

Last Minute Wedding Entertainment with Singing Waiters

Help!  I need last minute entertainment for my wedding!

As a bride and groom, wedding planner or party planner, this verbalization will force almost anyone affiliated into a cold sweat.

Last week, we received a call from a bride-to-be in Costa Mesa, California, saying those very words.

Choices In Last Minute Entertainment

For whatever reason, these things happen.  And, when it does, it can be a scary situation.  As a person searching for entertainment for one of the most important days in a person’s life, everything becomes amplified 100Xs.  It almost becomes life and death.  Choose incorrectly, and well, it’s documented forever in the wedding photos or worse yet, wedding video.


Having been there hundreds of times (entertaining for other peoples’ wedding receptions), we understand and we were happy to do everything we could to make this particular bride’s special (last minute) day, that much more memorable.

Unique, Fun and Engaging Wedding Entertainment

“Our bride was looking for something unique, fun and engaging…I think we delivered on that”.  In the end, we provided our two amazing singing waiters show, which entertained reception guests and wedding party in a way only The Amazing Waiters can do-through a uniquely-written script, intricately woven with a wide-range of music, which in included Broadway, Jazz (Rat Pack) and Pop (yes, it’s rangy) and it’s what we do best.  “This little gem touched on several musical tastes…including the Rat Pack/Sinatra-styled music which the Father of the Bride loved (he’s Italian!), and Pop music that the newly-weds gravitated to)”.  All-in-all, guests loved the variety and of course, the surprise that we packaged it all up with.

We wish you all the best!

The Amazing Waiters

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Now that Tax Season is over, let’s talk about spending money for a fun reason!  Weddings!


Spring and Summer Weddings

Having been privy to a few well-done weddings this Winter we would like to share some great things we say and suggest for your upcoming nuptials!

There are several must-do lists out there and we are not going to deal with that.  We are interested in all that other stuff that makes the wedding a cut above the rest.  We already assume you know about all that other stuff…Now let’s get to the nitty gritty.


Ok.  So the wedding party has entered, food is beginning to get served.  You know that there are going to be a few things including the speeches, first dance, etc.   BUT now let’s kick it up about 10 notches…


SINGING WAITERS (uhm, we love this option…)  Give your guests the unexpected.  You just had your wedding in a barn, beach, the  parking lot…why not continue the unexpected theme?  Waiters that infiltrate the staff then erupt into a fun and inviting singing show, satisfying some potential down time with still enough rope to hang yourselves with all those speeches!

CALM THE HECKLERS.  Have a comedian pose as the MC during dinner and then do a roast of the bridal party…or others?


Hire a LIVE ARTIST.  This person can sketch, paint, render images and great moments taking place on the fly, while the event is happening!  Talk about something fun to incorporate!  They could even paint on the Bride and Groom’s get-away vehicle!

Have a MASSEUSE in the house!  Tired feet and tired guests have to sit down.  Have a roaming masseuse give a neck or foot rub while they do so.

A STROLLING VIOLINIST says “welcome to the party!”  Have them play “That’s Amore” while you suck down some reception grape!

CLOSE-UP MAGIC is a great addition if you have kids in the mix.  It makes them feel like you paid attention to them as well.  The parents will be happy to cut the rug without worrying about them for 4 minutes.

Master of Ceremonies (MC) is a great way to add class to a night!  “Oh the DJ can do that.”  Uhm.  Maybe…if you have lots going on, the DJ is there to mix music.  The DJ is usually not equipped to handle a detailed schedule of announcements.  Why burden them with that?  Get the MC.  Your night will flow so much better and you won’t have to worry what comes next.  Have another drink!


Wedding Reception Options

Maybe use Guys too…

Except no cigs please.  No need to smoke up the place when you can do it much safer outside, in the privacy of your own smoke.  Have these models, walk around with shots, party favors (poppers or confetti), mustaches, etc.  Hey!  It’s a party!  A few little fun party favors passed around the mid to second half of the dancing will really pick it up!  It will also make for great photos for that expensive photographer to take.

Have other ideas?  Great!  Send us the pics!  We love pics!



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