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The Amazing Waiters are an internationally renown singing waiter group that perform customized shows ranging from Broadway, Old Hollywood, Jazz to Opera at Corporate Functions, Private Parties and Weddings.

Singing Waiters for the Holidays

Singing Waiters for the Holidays

Holiday Party Entertainment The Way You Want It

Christmas parties are all about gifts, surprises and fun, so it’s only natural to have singing waiters for the Holidays.   The Amazing Waiters were recently in Indianapolis, Indiana for a first…a ladies Tea Party/luncheon with a most gracious hostess and a chef that knocked this ladies party out of the park.

Our First Tea Party

And hopefully it won’t be the last. Stemming from “old school” tea from across the pond, this Americanized version was complete with American Singing Waiters surprising the ladies with a surprise of holiday warmth through song and a few laughs.

Surprises are a two-way street

This was a prime example of our waiters being surprised.  Being the servers of surprise, we often don’t know who many of our guests are or at who’s residence we are performing at.  This was such the case.  Upon arrival we were updated as to where we were…this particular event was at the lovely estate of Cindy Simon Skjodt.  Mrs. Skjodt’s father was the creator of the modern mall (think “The Mall of America” and you’ll be on track), Melvin Simon.  A most lovely home and a perfect setting for a holiday party, our surprise was most pleasant.


Ready to ride in Santa’s Sleigh?

Holiday warmth through entertainment and song

As most of our singing waiters shows, our reveal or rather our performance begins from the moment the guests arrive with our two waiters attending to the guests along with the actual catering staff that was on-site.  Serving a few drinks, talking with the guests as a waiter would, the two waiters then segued into their show with some fun deception and planned snafus which added to the realism of the performance, all the while keeping the guests guessing as to what was happening was actually “real”.  The first waiter revealed he could sing with “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, an Andy Williams holiday classic which got the attention of the ladies and garnered a most hearty response from them.  The surprise show continued with some fun banter between the two waiters culminating with the duo singing above the guests on the balcony as they were enjoying their tea, singing “My Favorite Things”, from the musical, “Sound of Music“.  Afterwards, of course, we informed the ladies that we were not waiters but entertainers posing as waiters-a gift from the lovely host to her guests.  Happy Holidays!  And, thank you for having us!


Small Party Entertainment Stays Intimate

Many of our smaller parties don’t require large or intrusive production (sound equipment, etc.).  Many times, we are able to bring our own “in-house” sound enhancement which is PERFECT for parties or get-togethers of under 50 guests.  We are always happy to discuss these options for any regional event that may have space requirements if at a private residence, restaurant, or even a small banquet room.  Every amazing waiters show is scale-able and adjustable in regards to timing, length, content and even musical vibe.  Every show is customized.

Singing Waiters in Indianapolis

We’ve been making more and more appearances in the Indianapolis area this past year and enjoy each and every visit.  We look forward to making the trip again very soon.


For more information on The Amazing Waiters specialty surprise entertainment, please call, 855-899-7701 or visit our website, amazingwaiters.com








80th Birthday Surprise Singers

Highland Park, Illinois

80th Birthday Surprise Entertainment

This past weekend, we had the pleasure to sing at the Highland Park Country Club in Highland Park, Illinois.  Gerald, who was celebrating his 80th birthday, had a couple of surprise singers (us) posing as waiters and entertaining family and guests, alike.

This particular event had our “1+1 Show”- 1 Guy and 1 Girl singing classic hits from several generations that included, Fly Me To The MoonThe Lady is a Tramp, and more modern songs like Not for the Life of Me from Thoroughly Modern Millie.

If You’re Celebrating your 80th Birthday

As of today, 80 year olds are considered “The Silent Generation“.  But, in this case, this group was hardly “silent”.  A great bunch of people that were very generous with their kind words and open hearts.

The surprise that no one know about

We enjoy singing at small parties.  Everyone is usually there to celebrate something.  Even though we’re a surprise, we know that we’ll have fun because of that.  Bringing levity and great music to parties is usually a win-win for everyone.  And, this was no

80th birthday surprise in Highland Park

2 Amazing Waiters in Highland Park, IL

different.  The minute we started singing, guests began singing along to the familiar songs.  A great byproduct of our live shows!

Music speaks to everyone

There is no surprise that music has no barriers.  People respond to singing.

See how this afternoon buffet turned out with The Amazing Waiters.

Here are some highlights of our live surprise performance for this 80th Birthday Party.



The Amazing Waiters are surprise entertainment specialists, performing for small and corporate parties across the United States.

Surprise Waiters for Six Hundred

Surprise Waiters for Six Hundred

Thank you, Alex!  I’ll take Surprise Waiters for 600…

It this even possible?  Can three performers surprise and entertain six hundred unsuspecting guests effectively?  Why yes.  Of course, we can!  And that’s what our surprise waiters did recently in the awesome city of Indianapolis, Indiana for a great group of independent cable visionaries that were convening on the city for brainstorming and networking sessions.

As we do, when a client decides to have The Amazing Waiters for their event, large or small, we begin gathering information about their party.  Everything from time lines to possible themes and even special VIPs or guests that may be attendance.  Once we have all necessary information, we begin tossing ideas back and forth with the client regarding how and where the special show will happen during the event.  During this phase, we discovered something interesting-something that took us back to our roots…when we entertained guests in Europe many moons ago…

Our Bella Soprano Enters The Room!

The 3rd Singing Waiter Appears…the trifecta!


Our clients are awesome.  We love it when they have crazy or unorthodox ideas about their event.  We love it when they like to integrate our surprise shows within these fun ideas.  And voila!  This was one of those moments.  Our client wanted to introduce the first course (the soup course) with a parade of waiters marching out, single file and serving the guests.  Our client wanted to know if we, as waiters could perform our surprise show during this time.  And of course, this course was PERFECT because, as mentioned earlier, we used to do this very thing as the original singing waiters act in Europe and it was high time we dusted off one of our signature songs that would be singularly appropriate for this presentation.  Be Our Guest from “Beauty and the Beast”.  We would sing the song while the parade of service staff entered the room with the soup.  PERFECT!

The Amazing Waiters

Post show posing in the lobby.

Surprise Waiters can get your attention

It’s hard to get 600 people to stop talking…especially when it’s a lowly waiter at a microphone on a large stage…

But that’s why our client hired us-we specialize in how to get people’s attention.  James, our general manager (and former singer with The Los Angeles Opera), who himself has performed over a thousand singing waiters shows, took 600 boisterous entrepreneurs on a musical journey, while the hotel wait staff seamlessly served the enthusiastic guests.  The presentation ending with a thunderous standing ovation (OK, the end of the song DID include two guys doing the song’s signature kick line).

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

Our third waiter, a fabulous Soprano, surprises both men with the Broadway hit, “Don’t Rain On My Parade” from the musical Funny Girl, made famous by Barbara Streisand.  Things got crazy from there.  But, we won’t divulge that information as what happens in Indianapolis STAYS in Indianapolis!  Needless to say, our three amazing surprise waiters tirelessly worked the room and hopefully left no one feeling lonely (even in a room of 600 people)!

Here’s a snippet of the sound check.

Thanks for a fabulous time!


For more information on our surprise waiters’ shows, call 855-899-7701

The Amazing Waiters



5 Hollywood Stars Who Started Life Waiting Tables

5 Hollywood Stars Who Started Life Waiting Tables

Conan o’ Brien once said in an interview, “Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.” That statement couldn’t be truer for these Hollywood celebrities who once worked tirelessly as waiters or waitresses to make ends meet.

If you need a little bit of inspiration to work harder and look towards the ‘bigger picture’ here are some of the most revered Hollywood celebrities that started their professional lives waiting tables.

Chris Rock

image credit: Wikimedia

Chris Rock is one of the most successful comedians in America. After working as a standup comedian in small bars, he became a regular on Saturday Night live in the early 90s. After that, he landed big movie roles in Down to EarthHead of the State, and Grown Ups. Today, he ranks as the 5th Greatest Standup Comedian in a poll conducted by Comedy Central. He was also voted 9th in Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Stand-Ups in 2007, and again 8th in the 2010 list of the Greatest Standup Comic Ever.

Before he became successful, Rock was a server at the Red Lobster — an American restaurant chain headquartered in Orlando, Florida. There isn’t much information about Rock’s life as a server but one thing’s for sure: his hard work was a stepping stone to where he is right now.

Chris Pratt

image credit: Wikmedia

To film and comic book fans, he is Star-Lord of the massively successful Marvel movie franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy. He also played Owen in Jurassic Park’s sequel, Jurassic World.

Pratt is one of the highest-paid Hollywood celebrities today. According to Forbes, Pratt now earns $13 million annually. His charisma has been well received by the superhero community, earning him the nickname “MonkeyBoy”. Pratt’s popularity has reached new heights due to his role in the franchise and his face is even see on the relatively new Jurassic World slot game on Slingo along with the faces of his fellow cast members. Pratt helped Jurassic World earn a massive $1.672 billion from movie sales according to Box Office Mojo.

Before Pratt became an international success, he lived out of a van while serving food at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. — a restaurant that was born out of the success of the iconic movie Forrest Gump. He was so poor at one point that he used to eat the restaurant’s leftovers. But if anything, this only helped him on his way to achieving greatness. Check out his interview below about his life as a server.


Russell Crowe

image credit: Wikimedia

Russell Crowe made his mark on the big screen when he played General Maximus Decimus Meridius in the 2000 film Gladiator. He won an Academy Awards for Best Actor, a Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor, an Empire Award for Best Actor, and a London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor for his role in the film.

As if those achievements weren’t enough to set him up for life, he also starred in Master and Commander: The Far Side of the WorldLes MisérablesMan of Steel, and Noah. His works have earned him several tributes, including a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Before he reached notoriety as an actor, he used to work as a server at a diner in Sydney, Australia. However, due to his quick temper, the Australian actor has spoken at length about how he often got into arguments while waiting tables.

Jon Hamm

image credit: Wikimedia

Hamm made his movie debut in the space adventure movie Space Cowboys. He then furthered his career by playing a minor role in Kissing Jessica Stein, and finally got his break in the TV series Mad Men. His performance in the hit TV sitcom earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series in 2008, and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016.

Like the aforementioned actors in this list before him, Hamm lived with five other young actors and worked as a waiter to make ends meet. In an interview with People.com, he opened up about his life as a waiter and attributes this part of his life for making him the man he is today.

“Working in a restaurant is a good life lesson for anybody,” Hamm said. “My friend used to say no one should be able to work in Hollywood if they haven’t worked in a restaurant… you quickly learn what a difference a little bit of kindness and common courtesy can make for people.”

Lady Gaga

image credit: Wikimedia

Lady Gaga is one of the most influential performers around with a net worth of $275 million. She is associated with some of the most prestigious labels including Def Jam, KonLive, and Interscope. Her second full-length album titled Born This Way topped the charts in over 20 countries, selling over 1 million copies in its first week. Gaga also won a Golden Globe Awards in 2016 for her acting in the television series American Horror Story: Hotel.

Before Gaga enjoyed her Hollywood life, she was a waitress at a diner in Manhattan. With the money that she got from waiting tables, she used it for recording.

If you have a dream, don’t give up on it! These celebrities certainly didn’t, and look at where they are right now. Work hard, be kind, and amazing things may just happen to you soon.

Last Minute Entertainment

Last Minute Wedding Entertainment with Singing Waiters

Help!  I need last minute entertainment for my wedding!

As a bride and groom, wedding planner or party planner, this verbalization will force almost anyone affiliated into a cold sweat.

Last week, we received a call from a bride-to-be in Costa Mesa, California, saying those very words.

Choices In Last Minute Entertainment

For whatever reason, these things happen.  And, when it does, it can be a scary situation.  As a person searching for entertainment for one of the most important days in a person’s life, everything becomes amplified 100Xs.  It almost becomes life and death.  Choose incorrectly, and well, it’s documented forever in the wedding photos or worse yet, wedding video.


Having been there hundreds of times (entertaining for other peoples’ wedding receptions), we understand and we were happy to do everything we could to make this particular bride’s special (last minute) day, that much more memorable.

Unique, Fun and Engaging Wedding Entertainment

“Our bride was looking for something unique, fun and engaging…I think we delivered on that”.  In the end, we provided our two amazing singing waiters show, which entertained reception guests and wedding party in a way only The Amazing Waiters can do-through a uniquely-written script, intricately woven with a wide-range of music, which in included Broadway, Jazz (Rat Pack) and Pop (yes, it’s rangy) and it’s what we do best.  “This little gem touched on several musical tastes…including the Rat Pack/Sinatra-styled music which the Father of the Bride loved (he’s Italian!), and Pop music that the newly-weds gravitated to)”.  All-in-all, guests loved the variety and of course, the surprise that we packaged it all up with.

We wish you all the best!

The Amazing Waiters

#TAW #weddingentertainers

Need last-minute entertainment for your wedding reception or party?  The Amazing Waiters have over 15 years of surprise entertainment experience, having entertained tens-of-thousands of party-goers across the US.  Call us today for a hassle-free consultation for the best unique entertainment.  855-899-7701




50th Birthday Surprise with Singing Waiters

50th Birthday Surprise Party with 2 Singing Waiters

Parties are always fun, no matter the time of year. They’re even better when it’s your 50th birthday, surrounded by 50 of your closest friends.  Such was the case this past weekend in Calabasas, California for a 50th Birthday Surprise Party with The Amazing Waiters (just north of Los Angeles for those of you who don’t know where this is…it’s where Justin Bieber used to live before he sold to Khloe Kardashian in 2014, but we digress).  Needless-to-say, Calabasas is lovely.

We were contacted by the birthday girl’s mother who wanted to do something different and special for her daughter and thought The Amazing Waiters would be a nice addition to the festivities.  She wanted to keep it a surprise for her.


…as was the case here…

Do you know that person that you can NEVER keep a surprise from?

secrets sometimes need to be told

Well, the birthday girl was one of those people.  And it’s good she knew before the “surprise”.  We immediately received a call from here and we walked through our proposed surprise show for her.  After some discussion, we adjusted the show to her expectations regarding time line and music preference and immediately began refining her show.



Our 2 awesome singing waiters managed to surprise the fifty ladies (yes, all women at this birthday party) and we previously decided that our waiter, Allie would be a planted guest and at the “right” time, would be pulled into the show.  Actually, our waiter, Ben pulled her into the show through a brilliant rouse while he was posing the head waiter.  It never ceases to amaze guests when the waiter starts singing…and singing well.

50th Birthday Surprise with Singing Waiters

Allie & Ben post performance.

As it became more evident that these waiters had skills, the show’s apex was some unique A Capella singing that went immediately into a song from the show Glee!, closing with Pharrell’s “Happy” (who doesn’t want to toe-tap to THAT?).

Mom and Daughter loved the show and what it brought to the party.  Guests had a great time and we did too!


For more information on The Amazing Waiters surprise show entertainment, see our website at amazingwaiters.com or call 855-899-7701.

Wedding Reception With Singing Waiters

Surprise Wedding Reception With Singing Waiters

April Fools isn’t just for jokes.  The Amazing Waiters had the distinct pleasure to be a part of April Fool’s this year, just outside of Chicago, IL.  A wedding reception featuring a fab couple that finally decided to tie the knot after being together for several years.

Celebrating their marriage at the lovely Alpine Banquets in Darien, IL, just West of Chicago, Illinois, Andrea and Victor and a couple hundred of their closest friends, gathered…in a most suitable way.

Entertainment That Works With A DJ

Andrea called us several months ago looking for something “different” for their reception. She told us that her and her husband to be had large families of different cultures and thought music delivered in our special way would be perfect since both sides loved music. They decided on having a DJ for the dance hits and a live mariachi band to play as their guests entered the reception area.  She wanted to continue with their music theme and thought that our singing waiters surprise was just the right amount of “unique” she as looking for.  She asked if we could work with their DJ to cut costs on production and we were happy to do so.  Once the logistics were cleared, we proposed our music ideas and then she decided to have us be a part of their special day.

Mariachis in Chicago

Loved the Mariachis.  James looks like he should have been in white as well…

Tailored Music To Fit Musical Tastes

It was great putting the show components together for Andrea and Victor.  They had varied musical tastes so we tried to put together a program that somewhat reflected that. She allowed us to put together a show and we decided on music ranging from Beatles, Rat Pack Jazz, A Capella to Disco.  We loved that fact that her kids loved the movie “Step Brothers”, so we sang a song from that too!  It was pretty much everything AND the kitchen sink!

Customized Surprise Entertainment

As usual, we wove all of the eclectic music with our one-of-a-kind script and performed it during the dinner portion of the evening.  It was great fun!  The guests weren’t sure (as usual) what was going on at the beginning but soon after the third song, they realized that we weren’t just waiters and this wasn’t an April Fools prank, we were waiters that sing (and sometimes dance)!  Chris, one of our Chicago singing waiters is a fabulous dancer and he gave the guests a treat during the Disco song.  He especially loved the little girl in the tutu that decided to do an improvisational dance during his song!  We guess there was more than one dancer on the floor this evening!


Who knew Chris was going to dance this evening? Maybe the wonderful cake inspired him?

Wedding Reception Entertainment For All Ages

All in all, a night to remember for all of us.  We had a great time working with the wait staff and Alice, the wedding coordinator (she was very sweet).  Congratulations to Andrea and Victor!  We’ll see you on your 5th Anniversary Party!


For more information on The Amazing Waiters Wedding Reception Entertainment, please visit our Wedding Entertainment Page, or call 855-899-7701.


Singing Waiters Entertain in Orange County


Singing Waiters Trio Show in Orange County

We love surprising guests in one of our backyards.   This time, our singing waiters performed in Orange County, California at the amazing 5 Star Pelican Hills Resort.  Every time we’re here, it’s a treat.  The staff is great to work with (we are usually dressed just like them and “work” along side them…carrying the stealthy element of our show to the limit.) and we get to see “old friends” every time we’re there.

A Great Ice-Breaker Idea

This event was a pre-wedding reception that took place the day before the wedding and was a sort of “get to know each other” before we all really party after the wedding kind of thing.  It was very casual.  Elegant but very inviting.   The reception was held on one of their patios right next to the Golf Course, alfresco.

Versatile Singing Waiters Entertainment

This Amazing Waiters show was a three singing waiters surprise show that featured two male and one female performer, posing as Pelican Hills Bistro Staff.   We were a gift by the Father of the Bride who wanted to have something unique and different at this gathering…something that would entertain and engage his guests.  Luckily for us, the surprise feature of our show was just what he had envisioned.  We conferenced with him and his daughter (the Bride-to-be) a couple of times and worked out the details for a surprise show (we were to surprise the Groom-to-be, as well) that included music from our Rat Pack, Italian and Operatic repertoire.  They also thought it best for us to use our own sound system since we were very familiar with it (a nice option if our clients are in Southern California).

The event space was very accommodating and the event/wedding planning staff that provided the décor and ambiance was spot on.

Our show was very well received and, even with some unexpected “live” elements (a guest getting up and dancing with our girl, Kara!) it just made the show that much more memorable for the guests.  See the video!

“You were a huge success…it was exactly what we wanted….”.  It’s always great to hear these words from the people that hire us.  Our Singing Waiters Entertain!

You’re most welcome!

Congratulations you newly-weds.  See you at your 5th anniversary!

The Amazing Waiters

“Surprise Entertainment Specialists”


The Amazing Waiters Performer

Sean McDermott, one of The Amazing Waiters Original Members.

Sean McDermott is part of The Amazing Waiters

The Amazing Waiters – Original

Performer Spotlight

Many of you may recognize Sean by his photo.  Sean is what you would call, “A Broadway Star”.  A leading man in numerous Broadway productions that include Miss SaigonGreaseFalsettos and Starlight Express (he’s even toured with Barbara Streisand), Sean has built quite a performance resume over the years.  He is also a valued performer with The Amazing Waiters.

Broadway in an intimate setting with Singing Waiters

The good thing is that you don’t have to go to Broadway to see performers like Sean.  Well, you will if you don’t have The Amazing Waiters at your next event.  Sean and performers like him, grace our intimate roster and we want you to have your guests see them in a way you’d never see in a Broadway Production-within arms reach!

Customized Singing Waiters Surprise Shows with The Amazing Waiters

Every show The Amazing Waiters produce is an original-customized to your specific needs.  Even the show length can be adjusted from our usual 25 minutes running time (the longest of ANY Singing Waiters Act).  But, we don’t stop there…

The Ultimate in Flexibility

With 1, 2 or Three Amazing Waiters, you would think that in itself would be flexible.  BUT, what if we could add a 4th, 5th or 6th for a REAL surprise, a la flash mob?  Well, we can do this and have.  The mix can even be with dancers.  The options in our surprise shows are limitless.

Stop by The Amazing Waiters main site, www.amazingwaiters.com and see how amazing your choices can be.  Sean and the rest of our amazing cast of singing waiters are ready to give you a most memorable show for your business party, wedding reception of holiday event.

Sean McDermott singing

Sean McDermott on Big Screen with “Barbara”

With regional offices in Southern California, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York, The Amazing Waiters bring affordable party entertainment anywhere in the United States.

Call TAW at 855-899-7701.





Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise Birthday Party with The Amazing Waiters

Trabuco Canyon, California

Having started in Southern California, The Amazing Waiters have constructed a surprise birthday party…or two over the last decade but it never gets boring!

This past weekend, our 2 Amazing Waiters, Ryan and John were asked to surprise our host’s mother on her 80th Birthday.  “She loves Frank Sinatra and the music of the Rat Pack Era”…it’s what she grew up on and I know she would love it so much…it’s going to be my gift to her”.

It was a lovely indoor-outdoor setting for 15 guests on a lovely Fall afternoon in the Hills.  Our fabulous duo set up the intimate sound system and prepared the final details for the surprise.

The Amazing Waiters singing to the guest of honor in Orange County, CA

One of our Amazing Waiters, Ryan with the Birthday Girl in Orange County, CA

Surprise Birthday Party Entertainers

Our dashing guys filtered into the staff, charming the unsuspecting guests and when the reveal time was near, the guys eased seamlessly into an unforgettable scripted show (that was tailored for the guest of honor, of course) that featured many of the staple signature songs of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the famed Rat Pack of the 1960’s.

Trained Operatic Singers make smaller events more intimate.

“Being able to sing acoustically was key for this particular event”, stated Ryan.  We couldn’t have brought a bulky sound system with microphones…it would have ruined the intimate feeling for those 16 guests”.  Ryan was correct and that’s why all of our performers have operatic training to not have to rely on microphones, if necessary.

The guest of honor’s friends and relatives loved the show and we did too.  Happy 80th Birthday Barbara!  We hope to sing at your 90th!


The Amazing Waiters are the only Singing Waiter act that customizes each performance for their clients.  Having originated their business in Southern California, TAWs now are regionally based in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York.  See their website, www.amazingwaiters.com for amazing surprise show options for your event.