Jackman Delivers in The Wolverine

Jackman Delivers in The Wolverine

This past weekend we went to see the latest X Men offspring opening, starring Broadway Star Hugh Jackman in The Wolverine.  Considered by many critics and movie analysts the only hope of a mega budget movie going into the plus side for the entire month of July, Jackman and a mostly non-descript cast deliver a “go-see” movie.  Mind you, we are not saying it’s AMAZING, but it is worth the $12 to have some decent entertainment that has some great moments.  Also, we are happy to see a good actor that had his beginnings in Musical Theater carrying a movie with a budget like this.

CNN has just reported that the Marvel-Owned Movie made over 55 Million Dollars this past weekend with “no competition this weekend…running in 3,924 locations — on target with studio estimates, but far below tracking projections”.  But considering what disappointments preceded this month-ending movie, it’s a breath of fresh air.

The movie, directed by James Mangold, has an interesting pace, starting out in what seems to be somewhere in the “middle” of Logan’s (Wolverine) life.  He’s a Japanese POW just before the “bomb” was dropped in WWII.  At this point, he already has his extraordinary powers so you don’t get any more information about his “past” for the rest of the movie.  In fact, the movie moves forward about 50-60 years forward from there.

Most of the movie takes place in Japan with a mostly Japanese cast.  Jackman’s Co-Star and love interest, Tao Okamoto is charming and does a nice understated job of acting.  The introduction of an Anime character “Yukio”, played by a relative unknown Fushia-Haired Rila Fukishima is adorable and dangerous, all at the same time.  The martial-arts sequences with her are great!

The story-line has is foibles and the plot and penultimate ending is pretty loose but make sure you stick around for the movie credits, X-Men fans won’t be disappointed.  Just sayin’!

We found it refreshing that the movie wasn’t bound to using “name” actors that American audiences would equate with what characters would appear in this movie.  And since it isn’t an X-Men movie, we were pleasantly relieved that we wouldn’t be able to put together a scenario at the opening credits.

The Wolverine has moderate violence and we would make sure you observe the Rating of PG-13.


X-Men offshoot The Wolverine

The Wolverine with Hugh Jackman is Entertaining.







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