The Amazing Waiters – an original made in the USA

Our group originated in the good ole’ USA. 

Amazing United States Singing Waiters

There are no other Singing Waiter Acts that do what we do in the USA.  Get the original made in the USA.

A little known factoid is that the Modern Singing Waiter act was a collaborative effort between hotel owners in Western Europe and some singing waiters in a little restaurant in the Hollywood, California area around 1987.

Upon seeing the value of bringing “foreigners” to Europe, the hotel owners (a group of owners) decided to do a test run.  The following Winter, history was made, The Singing Waiter group in all their American splendor and American charm, plopped down their music binders and began honing their shows in front of live audiences.  Armed with medleys from Broadway Shows and Operatic Arias, the 5 singer group sang acoustically in smoke-filled rooms for hours each night.  The live pianist played and played…and then when the night was over, they did it again the next night, serving up quality Broadway-Styled entertainment to Europeans who had only, in many cases, listened to their tapes of Broadway shows.  This was unique, cutting-edge and the first of its kind on a large scale.

As time went by, the European Economy changed, flights got more expensive, hotels weren’t booked to capacity and the Singing Waiter tours got shorter and shorter.

It was then when two men, named James and Doug, decided to bring the Original Singing Waiter act “home”, to the US.  So in 2007, after a 20 year successful European run and thousands upon thousands of performances, this singing waiter act came home to the USA.

It was an interesting time, there were several copy-cat acts…some with a modicum amount of success and even others that falsely claimed to be the “original singing waiter act” (and still do, unfortunately).  So, in the midst of all this, the group retooled its own act and set out to reacquaint US event party planners, booking agents and Americans with the real original Singing Waiter act!

The group retained it’s original  5 person/performer shows in the European-Style they created and with the leadership of James (one of the partners), co-created The Amazing Waiters, a Singing Waiter Act, in the tradition of the original group but offering a maximum of three singing waiters performing highly-customized shows at very desirable price points.

There are still copy-cat acts out there, many of which, ironically were not created in the United States (some actually from Europe).  The only way to know that you are getting the original, is to go to the website, here.

Get the only US-Branded Singing Waiter Group with the lineage to prove it.

Singing Waiters in Los Angeles

Singing Waiters perform customized shows. It is the only Singing Waiter act in the USA that does. Call us toll free, 855-899-7701

With over 25 years experience in Singing Waiter Entertainment, The Amazing Waiters are ready to make your party or event very memorable.


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