Singing Waiters for the Holidays

Singing Waiters for the Holidays

Holiday Party Entertainment The Way You Want It

Christmas parties are all about gifts, surprises and fun, so it’s only natural to have singing waiters for the Holidays.   The Amazing Waiters were recently in Indianapolis, Indiana for a first…a ladies Tea Party/luncheon with a most gracious hostess and a chef that knocked this ladies party out of the park.

Our First Tea Party

And hopefully it won’t be the last. Stemming from “old school” tea from across the pond, this Americanized version was complete with American Singing Waiters surprising the ladies with a surprise of holiday warmth through song and a few laughs.

Surprises are a two-way street

This was a prime example of our waiters being surprised.  Being the servers of surprise, we often don’t know who many of our guests are or at who’s residence we are performing at.  This was such the case.  Upon arrival we were updated as to where we were…this particular event was at the lovely estate of Cindy Simon Skjodt.  Mrs. Skjodt’s father was the creator of the modern mall (think “The Mall of America” and you’ll be on track), Melvin Simon.  A most lovely home and a perfect setting for a holiday party, our surprise was most pleasant.


Ready to ride in Santa’s Sleigh?

Holiday warmth through entertainment and song

As most of our singing waiters shows, our reveal or rather our performance begins from the moment the guests arrive with our two waiters attending to the guests along with the actual catering staff that was on-site.  Serving a few drinks, talking with the guests as a waiter would, the two waiters then segued into their show with some fun deception and planned snafus which added to the realism of the performance, all the while keeping the guests guessing as to what was happening was actually “real”.  The first waiter revealed he could sing with “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, an Andy Williams holiday classic which got the attention of the ladies and garnered a most hearty response from them.  The surprise show continued with some fun banter between the two waiters culminating with the duo singing above the guests on the balcony as they were enjoying their tea, singing “My Favorite Things”, from the musical, “Sound of Music“.  Afterwards, of course, we informed the ladies that we were not waiters but entertainers posing as waiters-a gift from the lovely host to her guests.  Happy Holidays!  And, thank you for having us!


Small Party Entertainment Stays Intimate

Many of our smaller parties don’t require large or intrusive production (sound equipment, etc.).  Many times, we are able to bring our own “in-house” sound enhancement which is PERFECT for parties or get-togethers of under 50 guests.  We are always happy to discuss these options for any regional event that may have space requirements if at a private residence, restaurant, or even a small banquet room.  Every amazing waiters show is scale-able and adjustable in regards to timing, length, content and even musical vibe.  Every show is customized.

Singing Waiters in Indianapolis

We’ve been making more and more appearances in the Indianapolis area this past year and enjoy each and every visit.  We look forward to making the trip again very soon.


For more information on The Amazing Waiters specialty surprise entertainment, please call, 855-899-7701 or visit our website,








Last Minute Entertainment

Last Minute Wedding Entertainment with Singing Waiters

Help!  I need last minute entertainment for my wedding!

As a bride and groom, wedding planner or party planner, this verbalization will force almost anyone affiliated into a cold sweat.

Last week, we received a call from a bride-to-be in Costa Mesa, California, saying those very words.

Choices In Last Minute Entertainment

For whatever reason, these things happen.  And, when it does, it can be a scary situation.  As a person searching for entertainment for one of the most important days in a person’s life, everything becomes amplified 100Xs.  It almost becomes life and death.  Choose incorrectly, and well, it’s documented forever in the wedding photos or worse yet, wedding video.


Having been there hundreds of times (entertaining for other peoples’ wedding receptions), we understand and we were happy to do everything we could to make this particular bride’s special (last minute) day, that much more memorable.

Unique, Fun and Engaging Wedding Entertainment

“Our bride was looking for something unique, fun and engaging…I think we delivered on that”.  In the end, we provided our two amazing singing waiters show, which entertained reception guests and wedding party in a way only The Amazing Waiters can do-through a uniquely-written script, intricately woven with a wide-range of music, which in included Broadway, Jazz (Rat Pack) and Pop (yes, it’s rangy) and it’s what we do best.  “This little gem touched on several musical tastes…including the Rat Pack/Sinatra-styled music which the Father of the Bride loved (he’s Italian!), and Pop music that the newly-weds gravitated to)”.  All-in-all, guests loved the variety and of course, the surprise that we packaged it all up with.

We wish you all the best!

The Amazing Waiters

#TAW #weddingentertainers

Need last-minute entertainment for your wedding reception or party?  The Amazing Waiters have over 15 years of surprise entertainment experience, having entertained tens-of-thousands of party-goers across the US.  Call us today for a hassle-free consultation for the best unique entertainment.  855-899-7701



Chicago Singing Waiters Dazzle

Chicago Singing Waiters dazzle at a Chicago Fundraiser

The Amazing Waiters had recent privilege to celebrate Greek Heritage here in Chicago, Illinois recently. Celebrating the Greek City of Tripoli, Greece, the organization gets together one time a year for its annual fundraiser and is always looking for fun and unique entertainment.


Chicago Singing Waiters entertained at a fundraiser for the people of Tripoli, Greece


The President and organizer of this year’s event, Dino, was excited to try to have us this year. “Last year, we tried to make it happen, but our singing waiters were so new in Chicago that we were unable to fulfill the request”, stated James Anest, General director of The Amazing Waiters. “So, we decided to table it until next year…sure enough, I pleased to receive a call from Dino asking if our Chicago Singing Waiters were able to make it happen this year and I said “you bet!” we’re going to make it happen!”  


We were very excited to work on this show for many reasons.  One, it is in our Regional “backyard”, being Singing Waiters in Chicago, but other is much closer to James’ heart….and heritage…a Greek-American himself, he was very excited to put together a fun and entertaining show with a special surprise twist to reflect Greek Heritage as well as the various musical tastes that this dynamic group of people would appreciate. “You guys knocked it out of the park!”, Dino exclaimed. “You hit every age group in the audience and they absolutely loved it. It was great!”

The Amazing Waiters in Chicago, IL

Hard to take photos of the actual show when you’re the surprise entertainment


It especially wonderful watching the younger audience members intrigued interested in what the show was delivering. Singing everything from Broadway, Opera, to Rat Pack-inspired music, made famous by The famed Las Vegas Trio in the 1950’s and 60’s, the diverse show was incredibly successful. To top it all off, James  surprised and entertained the guests by speaking Greek and seamlessly finishing with the Greek classic from Zorba the Greek, “Never On Sunday”, with James and Cassandra, (our latest addition who is also Greek) a Chicago native, singing and clapping along with the guests.  Even our third waiter, Chris who is not Greek had great fun dancing the Greek folk Style. 🙂


With one, two, and three waiters entertainment, our regional branch of The Amazing Waiters, Chicago Singing Waiters offer the most diverse and dynamic customized singing waiters shows in the United States. Find out how you can get the best Chicago Surprise Entertainment available, by calling 312-473-2919




Singing Waiters in Naples, Florida


Performing across the United States we get to see a lot of places, the insides of hotels, conference rooms, etc.  We also get to meet lots and lots of people along the way.  Recently, we had the privileged to construct a special singing waiters surprise show for a wedding reception in the Naples, Florida area.

Naples, Florida Map

the amazing waiters in naples, florida for a surprise wedding reception.

If you’ve never been in this part of the country in the Spring, it’s worth the trip.  There’s a reason why Snow Birds from the “North” reside down there during the cold, blustery Winter months.  It’s lovely.

Snow-Birds to Naples, Florida

snow birds to “migrate” to warm places like Naples, Florida to escape the Midwestern Cold.


Edie is a former Broadway “Baby”, having sung in several theatrical productions in her career and knew what she wanted and how she wanted it.  When she contacted us, she literally auditioned us with numerous questions about our show, our singers, etc.  She was clearly not an “average” client.  As we talked we finally got to singers…singers who might be doing the show…and as chance would have it (or not) we have a couple of well-known Broadway performers on our modest roster in the NY Area…one of which she knew (of) very well.  When his name came up, she immediately wanted to know if he’d be available.  Well, he was and that was that.  Edie, was thrilled.  Not only was she getting a personalized show, she was getting a performer that she knew and had seen on Broadway.  She immediately secured the details (this was 6 months prior) and we were off to the races!

singing with the bride to be, this girl was over the moon...and so was her groom after she sang this fabulous duet to him.

singing with the bride to be, this girl was over the moon…and so was her groom after she sang this fabulous duet to him.


As mentioned earlier, we get to meet a lot of people along the way.  We also get to know our Clients pretty well during the process of writing and creating their special show.  This journey was no different…among many things, we learned that Edie’s fiance was a special forces war veteran (retired) and her mother was a former Opera Star with The Metropolitan Opera and she would be at the wedding reception.  We were thrilled.  We immediately wanted to sing, “Nessun Dorma” from Puccini’s Opera, “Turandot” as a sort of homage to her and her career.  It was PERFECT!


With the water and weather perfectly blending, and the Spring taste in the air, we had a great time singing a fabulous surprise Singing Waiters Show for the newly weds. The guests were thrilled and there was much laughter had by all.  There are a few great photos on our website and we hope to post a little video from the ceremony at a later date.

Should we tell them who we really are?

What? You’re really NOT Waiters? That’s right…singing


Congratulations to the newly weds, Edie and Steven and than you for letting The Amazing Waiters be a part of your special day!



The Amazing Waiters – Surprise Entertainment Specialists for Weddings and Corporate Events across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Western Europe.  To see our main website, go to or call for more information, Toll Free:  855-899-7701

Wedding Reception Surprise


Wedding reception surprises is the latest trend in Wedding Entertainment.  It’s interesting, unexpected, unique and very cool.

The Season of Love is upon us once again

We are now back in “Wedding Season” and what better time to post another fun wedding reception surprise we implemented at the request of the Groom to his Bride on their wedding day.  Now, that’s what we call something special!

This video highlights the singing element of The Amazing Waiters’ Wedding Show and how it can get a little crazy at times.  Watch the video and see how one particular guest reacts when one of our waiters sings to her!

[embedplusvideo height=”315″ width=”560″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=Q33qJkMu-hw&width=560&height=315&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=0&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2199″ /]

Give The Guests A Wedding Gift

Weddings Receptions are mostly about everyone else.  It’s your celebration but the Wedding Reception is the gift you give to your guests.  Being a part of this elegant wedding in Orange County was a great surprise and gift, not only to the Bride but to all of the guests that attended.  Comments ranged from “Amazing” to “You completely surprised me!”

the amazing waiters wedding reception show

The Amazing Waiters singing to the Bride and Groom

From Waiter to Entertainer during the Dinner Course

Our carefully-scripted wedding reception shows are designed to give the best impact by starting as waiters (servers) and then seamlessly morphing into entertainers without the guests even realizing they are watching an actual show.  The Dinner Course is the best time for this hoax.  Your guests are expecting entertainment after dinner with a DJ, Band, etc.  Dinner time is traditionally the most “quiet” time of the wedding reception.  We like to change that up a bit.  Being nontraditional in a traditional setting is what makes our shows so fun and entertaining.

Get Your Very Own Singing Waiter Wedding Reception Surprise Show

The Amazing Waiters performed specialized singing shows across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Call us today for more information.  You’ll be glad you did. 855-899-7701


50th Birthday Party Ideas

The big 5-0 is here!  The product of the 80’s is now buying products more than ever.  Computer/Tech savvy, cool, in the flow of things and getting his or her second wind in life.  No longer a mid life crisis (that’s for the 60+ crowd), this group is wanting it all…and getting it.

Even though many are grandparents, the 50 year old crowd is hardly feeling like it.  Now, they’re out playing as hard as the 30-somethings and loving life!  So, what do you do for the 50th?  What is out there for the person who deserves a big birthday push into the next fifty?

It’s no secret.  We love a great party.  So, let’s talk party.  And let’s talk about what that Madonna-dancing-Breakfast Club-watching-parachute-pant-wearing honoree might like!


Really…be truthful.  What does this special person like?  Observe…what is their taste?  Are they quirky, classy, fun-loving, quiet, crazy, artsy?…All these things are going to play into what they might like for their birthday.

We don’t know if we can come up with 50 birthday ideas, but we will give you as many ideas as we can muster for you to consider.

So, let’s get started…


A great option for a group.  The surprise birthday party is probably the best idea but the hardest to pull off for the obvious reasons. Depending how the birthday boy is, you might not even be able to hide it for a day.  Remember, you are dealing with a seasoned veteran who has “seen it all”.  So, choose this option carefully.  There are many elements involved and best served if you have a few accomplices to help you achieve your goal.


wine-and-cheese-50th-birthday-partyClassy, fun, intimate and of course, spent with good friends, the honoree will get to laugh, drink and enjoy.  Then later, break out a game of Clue or Scrabble and you’ll even have more fun.


50 years, 5 days.  Have a little gift for each of the four days preceding with the 5th day culminating with the best.


Couples are best served for this one.  Although we’ve heard of “destination birthday parties” in the past.  Why not?  We say, “Go for it!”


Have a 50th Birthday Dinner Party, either hosted at your place or a friends…then of course, hire a professional murder mystery group and have fun!


have a chef at your home for a small birthday partyThis is great with either an intimate dinner for two or a bit larger…you could have this coupled with the murder mystery option or perhaps add surprise element of Singing Waiters that can serve a bit of food and then have fun with the birthday boy singing the fabulous hits of the 80’s! We also like the idea of having the a fake chef (while the real one is actually cooking in the kitchen) talking about the courses but is actually a comedian.


Magic is pretty cool for any birthday party.


Invite your guests (this could be a surprise as well) to a destination restaurant or club for a night of drinks, dinner and laughs.


the crazy mixologistA fun trend is to have your drinks served with flair.  A Mixologist is like a mad scientist working with spirits, aperitifs and mixers…mixing and creating those one-off libations for the birthday boy’s 50th.  A fun time and a fun addition to any amazing party.


Themed parties are so much fun because there is no limit as to what that can be.  But since this is a product of the 80’s and he’s going to be 50, we suggest a western theme, reminiscent of the hit TV Show “Dallas”, 80’s Band Revival (complete with big hair), dress like your favorite 80’s band icon…David Lee Roth, Madonna, etc. You could expand this to include all 80’s style.  Ooooh…is there a comeback planned yet?


They are in the prime of their life.  Lots done, yet lots left to do.  Freeze that moment in time with a great photo or painted portrait.  Splurge.  It’s ok to be vain.  “You probably think this song is about you…”


Rock out till Dawn with hits from Night Ranger, Def Leppard, Quiet Riot!…


Don’t forget, it’s a 50th Birthday Party.  Make the magic number important.  Use the number to identify the number the guests, drinks, a top 50 list, Fifty cool things about the guest of honor.  Fifty chronological photos that begin with child birth to present.


Not a roast in the oven.  Roast the guest of honor.  Allow each person to “roast” the 50th Birthday Boy/Girl for 50 (or even 5) seconds-this depends on your guests and guest of honor.  50 seconds may not sound like that long but it is.


The Amazing Waiters are a premiere live entertainment act, specializing in surprise entertainment world-wide.

Singing Waiters in Chicago Produce Affordable Surprise Entertainment

Chicago Singing Waiters Help Reduce Travel Costs

In an effort to reduce extraneous costs, Entree Entertainment, Inc., parent company and exclusive booking agent for The Amazing Waiters, has brought the best in Singing Waiter Entertainment to the greater Chicago, Illinois Area.

“Starting in October, Entree Entertainment will have an operational presence in the Midwest! We want to bring affordable, high-quality surprise entertainment at a extremely competitive price point…” states, James Anest, President and CEO of Entree Entertainment…”Having The Amazing Waiters here in Chicago will allow us to do that. Our latest regional entertainment hub will keep the travel costs down and lets our clients enjoy the savings, unlike some of our competitors who have to fly performers from as far as New York and Los Angeles AND then charge the client to lodge and feed them. That can get costly, especially for smaller events.”

The Amazing Waiters in Chicago Illinois

With over 1,500 singing waiter shows to their credit, the “Amazing” staff and entertainers have limitless imagination to make your event the event of the year! If you haven’t thought of surprise entertainment for your Wedding Reception, Holiday Party or Business Meeting, now’s the time. It’s the best way to get your guests buzzing with the tried and true formula of song and levity.

Having the first Singing Waiter Act based in Chicago makes The Amazing Waiters a leader in American Surprise Entertainment choices throughout the Midwest.  Premiere entertainers, customized shows, and the best show pricing available, makes our act the most affordable show of its kind in the United States.

Call our regional Chicago Branch today for special pricing!  312-473-2919

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Amazing waiters are a premiere singing waiter surprise act in the united states.  visit their website or call today for more information.

Rave Wedding Entertainment Review from our Boston Show

This was so good, we had to share…

This past weekend, The Amazing Waiters were privileged, to surprise BOTH Bride and Groom with a gift from the Mother of the Bride.  Although sometimes risky (when both parties don’t know) to do a wedding reception show like this without either knowing, we were happy to customize this show around and even embracing that with the blessing of the Bride’s Mother.

It was a very cool (although weather-wise it wasn’t) outdoor Bostonian-Styled wedding and reception with the blazers and light pants.  The tables were very elegant outside this hidden stone manor about an hour north of the City Proper.

The Amazing Waiters in Boston MA

Sound Check for Wedding Reception in Boston MA.

This show featured James (General Manager of TAW) and Sean (our East Coast TAW Representative), two long time friends and very versed in handling about anything that can get  thrown at them.

The specially written show consisted of inside jokes, dialogue and some fabulous songs that ranged from Broadway, Jazz (Rat Pack) to Opera.  The surprise knocked the newlyweds for a loop and brought them to their feet numerous times during the show.

After the show, the mother of the bride sent a very nice letter that is most worth sharing:

Hi James,

Besides our beautiful daughter and new son in law, the Amazing Waiters stole the show. You were simply extraordinarily amazing and fun. The sad thing the singing was so good we wanted to hear more and more songs. Everyone was surprised and some were so touched by the choice of songs that they choked up.

We made the absolute right choice in hiring you.

Thank you for the happy memories.


You are most welcome Pauline!  And, as we said at the wedding, we’ll plan on being there for the Silver Anniversary as well!



Here is an excerpt of the live show we performed.  If you’d like a show like this, call the amazing waiters for the best pricing available.  855-899-7701

The Amazing Tenors in Palm Springs, California

Recently The Amazing Tenors, sister act of The Amazing Waiters entertained guests at the grand expansion of the Desert Hills Premium Outlets near Cabazon, California.  The three amazing singers performed a wide variety of material including Opera from Carmen, Jazz by The Rat Pack and closed with songs from Glee!

The trio performed for a near total of two hours to hundreds of appreciative shoppers and VIP Guests.

Palm Springs with The Amazing Tenors

The Amazing Tenors in Palm Springs, California