Singing Waiters Entertain in Orange County


Singing Waiters Trio Show in Orange County

We love surprising guests in one of our backyards.   This time, our singing waiters performed in Orange County, California at the amazing 5 Star Pelican Hills Resort.  Every time we’re here, it’s a treat.  The staff is great to work with (we are usually dressed just like them and “work” along side them…carrying the stealthy element of our show to the limit.) and we get to see “old friends” every time we’re there.

A Great Ice-Breaker Idea

This event was a pre-wedding reception that took place the day before the wedding and was a sort of “get to know each other” before we all really party after the wedding kind of thing.  It was very casual.  Elegant but very inviting.   The reception was held on one of their patios right next to the Golf Course, alfresco.

Versatile Singing Waiters Entertainment

This Amazing Waiters show was a three singing waiters surprise show that featured two male and one female performer, posing as Pelican Hills Bistro Staff.   We were a gift by the Father of the Bride who wanted to have something unique and different at this gathering…something that would entertain and engage his guests.  Luckily for us, the surprise feature of our show was just what he had envisioned.  We conferenced with him and his daughter (the Bride-to-be) a couple of times and worked out the details for a surprise show (we were to surprise the Groom-to-be, as well) that included music from our Rat Pack, Italian and Operatic repertoire.  They also thought it best for us to use our own sound system since we were very familiar with it (a nice option if our clients are in Southern California).

The event space was very accommodating and the event/wedding planning staff that provided the décor and ambiance was spot on.

Our show was very well received and, even with some unexpected “live” elements (a guest getting up and dancing with our girl, Kara!) it just made the show that much more memorable for the guests.  See the video!

“You were a huge success…it was exactly what we wanted….”.  It’s always great to hear these words from the people that hire us.  Our Singing Waiters Entertain!

You’re most welcome!

Congratulations you newly-weds.  See you at your 5th anniversary!

The Amazing Waiters

“Surprise Entertainment Specialists”


Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise Birthday Party with The Amazing Waiters

Trabuco Canyon, California

Having started in Southern California, The Amazing Waiters have constructed a surprise birthday party…or two over the last decade but it never gets boring!

This past weekend, our 2 Amazing Waiters, Ryan and John were asked to surprise our host’s mother on her 80th Birthday.  “She loves Frank Sinatra and the music of the Rat Pack Era”…it’s what she grew up on and I know she would love it so much…it’s going to be my gift to her”.

It was a lovely indoor-outdoor setting for 15 guests on a lovely Fall afternoon in the Hills.  Our fabulous duo set up the intimate sound system and prepared the final details for the surprise.

The Amazing Waiters singing to the guest of honor in Orange County, CA

One of our Amazing Waiters, Ryan with the Birthday Girl in Orange County, CA

Surprise Birthday Party Entertainers

Our dashing guys filtered into the staff, charming the unsuspecting guests and when the reveal time was near, the guys eased seamlessly into an unforgettable scripted show (that was tailored for the guest of honor, of course) that featured many of the staple signature songs of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the famed Rat Pack of the 1960’s.

Trained Operatic Singers make smaller events more intimate.

“Being able to sing acoustically was key for this particular event”, stated Ryan.  We couldn’t have brought a bulky sound system with microphones…it would have ruined the intimate feeling for those 16 guests”.  Ryan was correct and that’s why all of our performers have operatic training to not have to rely on microphones, if necessary.

The guest of honor’s friends and relatives loved the show and we did too.  Happy 80th Birthday Barbara!  We hope to sing at your 90th!


The Amazing Waiters are the only Singing Waiter act that customizes each performance for their clients.  Having originated their business in Southern California, TAWs now are regionally based in Las Vegas, Chicago and New York.  See their website, for amazing surprise show options for your event.

Laguna Beach Party Gets Singing Waiters

Ahhhhh…We just love it when we get to an event and a staff member says that their particular group has difficulty giving attention.  Really…..We love it.  It’s a challenge we have been faced with about every single show we’ve ever done.  Why?  Because The Amazing Waiters, Singing Waiter Show is a surprise!  By that definition, party guests don’t have a clue as to what is going on. Especially when a waiter starts talking from the stage. Why would they pay attention to a waiter?  Well, normally, that would be true.  But our shows are designed to take party guests from 0 to 100 in about 20 Seconds!
This is what happened to a very talkative group of professionals in Laguna Beach this very evening.

The Amazing Waiters in Laguna Beach, California

Two of The Amazing Waiters X3, singing waiters after the show in Laguna Beach

Admittedly, the group was VERY chatty.  Lots of networking and that’s a very good thing for you event planners out there.  You want your guests to be engaged, stimulated to network and of course, never, ever bored.  The challenge is how to get those very guests wrangled, directed and moved in a timely manner.  It’s kind of like herding cats.  Never done that, but you get the imagery.

Having done this for well over a decade, there is a formula to getting unsuspecting guests attention quickly and efficiently.  It is not for the faint of heart.  You have to get their attention and then hold it.  Blow it early and you’re dead!  Curtain please!

All Amazing Waiter Shows are specially-written.  This was no different.  Our guests had specific characteristics we were able to draw upon in writing a quick and effective script allowing great music to be woven around.  Our three leading men (The Amazing Waiters X3) took control of the room, and made an already elegant evening, one that will be talked about and we’re sure uploaded, with numerous cell phone cameras and even an Amazing Waiter FIRST,   a selfie with one of the attendees.  Although we didn’t get it, if you see this post, you HAVE to send it to us!!  (You know who you are!).

One of our Singing Waiters actually was more of an MC later in the evening, as after our actual show and the “cat was our of the bag”, singing waiter, John went back to the stage to reintroduce the electronic violinists (our new friends) to play a Rock Cover as a closer!

MC John in Laguna Beach, CA after the singing waiter show.

Singing Waiter, John acts as an MC after our  show was over.

It was an elegant evening with lots of great food, service and entertainment.

The Amazing Waiters prepare for a show

The Amazing Waiters in Orange County, CA


For Amazing ways we can surprise your guests, call the Amazing Waiters toll free, 855-899-7701 or visit their main website,





It’s no longer a secret.  The Amazing Waiters are a premiere surprise entertainment act for entertainment at a wedding, conferences, special events, fundraisers and Christmas parties. Featuring 1, 2, and now The Amazing Waiters X3, Three entertainers that can pose as waiters or service staff, infiltrating your event to later reveal that it was all a hoax.  Your guests have been duped.  Your servers were actually entertainers all along, waiting patiently to reveal a carefully crafted singing show that is sure to thrill your guests.


If you’ve been looking for a unique wedding reception entertainment idea, The Amazing Waiters X3 are a perfect dose of the best wedding entertainment available at just the right price.  Three leading Men, dressed as Wedding or Event Staff, surprise both sides of the isle by bringing them together with the universal language of Music and adding laughter as a topper.  The culinary arts have never been so perfectly melded!  See TAW’s wedding entertainment page for more details.


Our original form of Singing Waiter Entertainment is so unique, our competitors try to copy it.  But they can’t do what we do.  We are the only act that exclusively has major Broadway and Operatic performers on the roster.  It’s a small group of performers, with over 40 Broadway Shows and 70 Operatic Roles that are guaranteed to be at your event performing a uniquely-written surprise show that we know no one will have ever seen.


Based in The United States, The Amazing Waiters X3 is the most complete entertainment available, bringing new and exciting entertainers singing songs that are cross-generational and extremely accessible.  And if that wasn’t enough, we pull it all together with a specially-scripted show for your event.  Call us today, 855-899-7701.


Singing Waiter Special Pricing for Southern California Shows


Our headquarters are in Los Angeles, and now, The Amazing Waiters are offering substantial discounts on their customized shows with sound production for any surprise show in the Southern California Area.

See TAW website for details or call our toll free phone:  855-899-7701

Having show and production, all inclusive means you can save and have worry-free entertainment.  We will even provide sound for the entire evening.  Consider it a two-fer!


Wedding Entertainment in Orange County, California

Planning a wedding in Orange County, California means you have easy access to some of the best wedding entertainers in the country. There is no shortage of talent available to perform at your wedding, no matter how formal or casual it is.

Orange County Map

Orange County Wedding Entertainment

For a truly romantic and elegant wedding reception, you can’t get a better entertainer than singers such as Dan Covel. This popular local solo artist is well known for bringing his soft but clear voice to the table for any special occasion or event. After performing for the Queen Mary and at concert halls across the country, Dan Covel can make the happiest day of your life that much happier through his performances. He entertains at both wedding ceremonies and receptions and can even provide soft, soothing music for seating guests at the ceremony and while dinner is served at the reception.

If you are looking to bring some energy and excitement to your wedding reception, you may want to consider surprises for your guests, such as The Fabulous Ultratones Dance Band. This six to 12 piece band has performed all over Orange County, entertaining at countless weddings and other special events. With both male and female singers, the band offers a unique sound that includes a full horn section. The band performs everything from standard wedding songs to top 40 music.

For a more classic feel, you can always book Electric Violinist Paul McIntire. This seasoned professional has been performing for decades and appeals to a very broad audience. He uses many different genres of music to convey all the emotions fit for any wedding ceremony and reception. As such a creative and unique performer, he will wow your guests and help contribute to the memories of your wedding day.

If you happen to be throwing a Hawaiian themed wedding you can rent the Laguna Beach Luaus for your reception. The Pacific Edge Hotel is the home base for the Laguna Beach Luaus. If you book one of their packages for your wedding your guests will get to use a walkway lit by tiki torches. At the end of the walkway each guest receives a tropical drink and special leis placed around their necks. Each wedding package offered by the Laguna Beach Luaus come complete with Hawaiian themed decorations and entertainment and you and your guests will be able to dine on authentic Hawaiian foods.

For a truly unique experience many Orange County couples choose to hire the Super Star Dancers to perform at their wedding. They accept requests and will put on a customized

orange county entertainers

dancers in orange county

show just for you and your wedding guests. The Super Star Dancers use their dance moves as an expression of art. They can bring a rich cultural experience to any wedding, no matter what the theme of it is. The Super Star Dancers often perform with props used to enhance their show.

These are just a few of the many options you have for Orange County weddings.

orange county weddings

wedding entertainment in orange county, ca



based in orange county, california, the amazing waiters provide unique surprise wedding entertainment that fits any budget.  see their website, or call today for a free quote 855-899-7701

The First Singing Waiter Act

Singing Waiter History

Jubalaires - Singing Gospel

the first singing waiters?

Singing Waiters have been around for a long time.  Before the novelty acts began in the mid 80’s with The Singing Waiters in Europe, The Jubalaires, a 4-Man Gospel Recording Act during the 1940s laid down traditional 4-part harmony for the world to hear.

Today, The Amazing Waiters come from a long lineage of singing waiter entertainment, taking it to the next level by creating specialized surprise shows that not only can include Singing Waiters but a variety of surprise options for any occasion and theme.


For more information on refreshing surprise entertainment that will have your guests engaged and entertained, call toll free, 855-899-7701 or visit the website We look forward to hearing from you!

Entertainment Made in America

Based in Los Angeles, California and New York City, The Amazing Waiters serve North and South America, Europe and the Middle East.

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Have you ever been to a Casino Night Party?  Craps, Roulette, Black Jack…Vegas-Styled tables, taunting and laughing with friends, family or party guests?  Vegas brought to your event without the hassle of getting to Vegas!  It’s a part of the continuing Old Hollywood trend, with throwback parties like Casino Night.

Get your guests to spend the money

Round and round it goes!

Casino Night Parties are a great way to includes a large spectrum of people from diverse backgrounds in one single activity.  You get many elements of a party all included in this type of party.  Fundraisers in particular love to have Casino Night.  End of Year Parties are also popular with Casino Parties.


Here are some things to consider when planning your own Casino Party.

1. Keep it legal!  No real money is allowed.  Most of the time your guests will get a voucher for a certain amount of dollars which can be exchanged at the tables for chips.  Not potato chips silly….You will want to check with your local/state gaming laws to ensure you are keeping your party within legal parameters.

2.  How many tables will I need?  A recommend 70% table coverage versus the number of guests. Example: If you have a guest list of 100 you should have enough spots for 70 players at any given time.

3. Where do I get Casino Tables?  There are many party rental vendors that specialize in providing casino tables for events just like these.  Many companies are turn-key, offering the complete package so you don’t really have to do anything more than get guests there.  But, of course turn-key sometimes costs more but it saves you hassle.  Convenience.  To find vendors, simply do a Google search typing in “Casino Night Vendors”, or “Casino party supplies” and go from there.

4. Dealers.  You’ll need dealers.  If you don’t go turn-key you can also Google them.  You might need to get creative on finding these.  It is not a good idea to use John in IT or Sally in Food Services because they run a mean Poker Night.  You’re better off to use outside talent that is not known to your guests.

5. CASINO Entertainment.  There are numerous types of entertainment options for Casino Night.  Here are some to consider.

  • RAT PACK ENTERTAINMENT:  Old Hollywood Entertainment, invoking the 60’s Rat Pack vibe with Frank, Sammy and Dean.
  • IMPERSONATORS:  Marlin Monroe, Cher, Elvis.
  • DJ:  Achieve a spectrum of music with a DJ.
  • PAPARAZZI:  As your guests enter the red carpet, have some “photographers” with glitz and glam of yesteryear.
  • PHOTO BOOTH:  Document all those great clothes your guests will be wearing with a photo booth.
  • FLAIR BARTENDER:  Seen the movie “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise?  Have a fancy bartender do a couple of themed drinks with flips and fanciness.
  • EMCEE:  We think an Emcee is a very important part of the night.  It keeps the competition and action going.  He’s the ring leader and motivator for the night.  Especially if you are having a fundraiser, have friendly competition between tables on how much money is being made or have auctions during the betting. A great way to keep the money flowing.
  • JAZZ BAND:  A nice jazz trio is great atmosphere.  You can always add a singer for part of the evening to bring in the Old Hollywood vibe.
  • FANCY LIGHTING:  Why not make it Vegas all the way Baby!
  • BUFFET IS THE WAY TO GO:  If you are having Casino Night, have a Buffet.  This way you can have guests get their food and continue to gamble.  Keep the auctions going and keep the giving going that much longer.


Casino Night with The Amazing Waiters

The Amazing Waiters provide fun Casino Night Styled entertainment.

The Amazing Waiters have some great Old Hollywood and Casino Entertainment options.  Everything from Singing Waiters to fabulous entertainers performing music from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to keep any party going.  See our website or our direct Old Hollywood link for ideas. 


Follow us:

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Facebook: The Amazing Waiters


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Brides Turn to Disney-Inspired Weddings for a Magical Touch


Different is IN!  Unique is a MUST and hum drum “tradition” is a relic in the modern Bride’s wants for her special Wedding Day.

As entertainers, we’ve seen many interesting weddings.  Some worked and others perhaps didn’t.  One wedding that does go hand and with elegance and magic is a Disney-Inspired Wedding.


Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Mulan, Rapunzel, Snow White, Pocahontas, Mulan, Merida, Tiana and Aurora top the list in amazing dresses and fantasy.  Any bride slipping into one of these character-inspired dresses (and shoes, of course) will immediately feel transported into another world.



There are many things to consider when planning a Disney Wedding.  First, you’ve gotta’ LOVE Disney…and we mean LOOOOOVE it.  You will be eating, breathing it for several months prior and up through that day with the wedding photos to prove it for years after.

Once you’ve decided this and your betrothed is also on board with your wishes, the sky’s the limit, my Dear!

Here, before moving forward, we’ve decided to make a quick consideration check list.  This should be an initial list.


Venue or Location is the FIRST thing you set.  Sometimes you do this BEFORE   you set the actual date.  These places fill up FAST…sometimes, over 18 months in    advance.  This is why we listed the perhaps, obvious and then the not so obvious.     Let your mind wander.  This is YOUR wedding…YOUR day.


  • Which Disney Princess are you patterning your Wedding Dress after?  News flash!  Disney has a website that deals with this.  They actually have a Disney “Bridal Collection“.
  • The shoes are pretty important in a Disney Wedding.
  • You could also consider having your dress made by a dress maker or a Hollywood Costume designer.  There are several we know.  You can email us and we will hook you up!



  • This is where it can get tricky.  You are the main princess.  What about your friends and family in the wedding.  How will you handle that?
  • The Groom:  He’s your night in shining armor.  Don’t forget about him.  As below, simple is always nice with that something “Prince-like” as an accessory to set him above the rest.
  • The Groomsmen?  Sometimes, less is more with them.  Black Tuxedos are always nice and will fit numerous Princess themes listed above.
  • The Flower Girl:  She’s the mini-Disney-Princess.  The kids always love dressing up like their favorite princess, just like you!



  • Ceremony Music.  There are many song selections you can pull from the Disney List.  See below.  Here, we list, Violinists, Pianists, Vocalists, Harpists, Trumpeters (very magical), and a Gospel Choir.
  • This is Disney.  Disney shows contain a lot of fabulous music.  Be mindful that a Reception Band probably won’t be a good fit.  You might want to consider a DJ for the main part of the reception.
  • Live Entertainment.  Live Entertainment is now the standard in adding a touch of class to any Wedding.  We like the Singing Waiter Option for events like these.  Yes, that’s us!  Broadway performers, dressed as Staff, or in these cases, we also suggest dressed as Disney Characters, coming out singing special songs like “Brand New World”,  “Home”,  “When You Wish Up On A Star”, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” , “Circle of Life”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”.  These same singers can also sing at the wedding prior. A great bang for your buck and an exponential “wow” for your guests!
  • Here is a great Disney Wedding Song List (and more) that deals from the Ceremony and into the Reception.


  • Horse-Drawn Carriages.
  • A Disney Castle Wedding Cake
  • Disney Characters Entertain at Cocktails
  • A Barbershop Quartet for the Disneyland Experience.
  • Fireworks (sparklers work too) at the end of the night.


For More information on Disney Singing Waiters, call The Amazing Waiters, 855-899-7701.  With Major Broadway Performers and customized shows, they are the only fun and classy live entertainment act of its kind. 



 **The Amazing Waiters are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Entree Entertainment, Inc.All rights reserved 2013



Opera in Orange County California

Will Opera Come Back To Orange County?

It’s unfortunate but we have to think that it will not…at least not in the form of a legitimate Opera Company. But, before we delve into this issue, let’s go back…before the economic meltdown of 2007-2008.

In the US, economy drives the arts. Meaning, that if Corporations and people, in general, are “in the money”, so are the arts. Since the late 2007 US Economic “Meltdown”, the arts have suffered dramatically because no one’s in the money like they used to me. But it really didn’t start there.

Opera, since it’s heyday (ending around the late 1950’s) has been experiencing a steady decline in popularity and attendance. It’s not a surprise, once the popular music of its day, Opera has had the misconception that it’s “out of touch”, “elitist”, “expensive” and “stuffy”…yes and no. On the surface, yes. Ticket prices are expensive. Mounting operas are a massive undertaking. It takes a small army to produce a decent opera that includes sets, orchestra, large choruses, and soloists. The Met in New York City can have as many as 100 Orchestra Performers, 120 Chorus Members, 15-20 Soloists and another 15-20 Supernumeraries (Supers or Extras, as named in the Film Industry), and 30-50 Tech Crew Members. That doesn’t include all the ushers, security and ticket people in the theater, parking attendants, and administrative/support staff. Get the picture? But the part of the picture most people don’t get is, that Opera is not elitist. Opera is quite the contrary.

Maria Callas on Time Magazine

The heyday of opera put Diva Maria Callas on the Cover of major publications like Time.

Opera, like most theater art-forms is a form of expression. Opera, rooted in theater (plays, like Shakespeare and before him, Greek Tragedies) was the medium the common folk flocked to and enjoyed, along side royalty…which was usually their oppressors. Subtle mockery of the class structure was common. Rebellion, aggression and sometimes overt messages to revolt were imbedded in many operas by Mozart, Verdi, Mussorgsky and others. Sometimes riots/fights broke out during operas once messages were realized or even if a singer did not perform to par!

Guiseppe Verdi, Composer

One of the greatest Italian National Composers of all time. Guiseppe Verdi

But that was then and this is now. We found this article about the healthy state of Opera in America by The American in July 2007, just as the economic meltdown was starting. It stated that there were 125 American Opera Companies in the US…more than Germany and Italy and roughly more Americans “attend live opera performances as attend NFL Games.” Roughly 20 million Opera admissions per year. Here, in Orange County we had Opera Pacific, a great alternative to the OC Commute to LA Opera. There were even talks of the company going year-round. Poof! Gone! All in a matter of two years, the corporate and private subsidies dried up and the doors were closed for good.

Rich Orange County has no Opera Company.

With the withering of Opera Pacific, there is no viable opera company in Orange County

Private money does. Corporations, private foundations, and a few still-existing national endowments keep the doors open. Season subscribers keep butts in seats and the General Mangers, their jobs. Beloved operas like Carmen, Madama Butterfly and La Bohème are all-time audience favorites attracting novices and seasoned theater go-ers to alike. Season subscribers love the standards. Another conundrum if you are the General Manager of an Opera Company. You have to please your base but offering new operas and educating the public on them is absolutely necessary if the Operatic Art Form is to survive.

Ticket Sales for Operas

Opera Tickets don’t solely keep the doors open.

Art is timeless. So is great Opera. But the medium on how we receive our art is changing. The Metropolitan Opera in New York has, in the last two years, desperately tried to reach out to the general public by making their opera performances more accessible by offering them in regional movie theaters. Now, one can purchase a ticket at a fraction of the price of a live performance (and save you the air fare to NY City), get some popcorn and sit and watch a LIVE Metropolitan Opera Production in HD streaming directly in the movie theater. Cool! Very cool. As a bonus, the viewer is privy to backstage footage and live interviews of the stars singing as they enter and exit the stage. That’s amazing access. But is it reaching new audiences? The jury seems to still be out.

Beamed Opera Broadcasts into Movie Theaters

Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts live into select movie theaters across the United States

Orange County California is one of the most affluent Counties in California. With over 3 Million residents, it is the 3rd largest population-wise but the smallest land-wise in Southern California. The main artistic center is the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa. Segerstrom Center for the Arts provides all kinds of entertainment year-round and is the former home of the now defunct Opera Pacific.


The Amazing Singing Waiters

The Amazing Waiters 855-899-7701

The Amazing Waiters/The Amazing Tenors-Three Opera Tenor Shows are available for private and corporate events in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.  Featuring operatic performers with the Los Angeles Opera and The Metropolitan Opera, they provide timeless entertainment for discerning audiences.

855-899-7701 (Toll Free)