Singing Waiters Entertain in Orange County


Singing Waiters Trio Show in Orange County

We love surprising guests in one of our backyards.   This time, our singing waiters performed in Orange County, California at the amazing 5 Star Pelican Hills Resort.  Every time we’re here, it’s a treat.  The staff is great to work with (we are usually dressed just like them and “work” along side them…carrying the stealthy element of our show to the limit.) and we get to see “old friends” every time we’re there.

A Great Ice-Breaker Idea

This event was a pre-wedding reception that took place the day before the wedding and was a sort of “get to know each other” before we all really party after the wedding kind of thing.  It was very casual.  Elegant but very inviting.   The reception was held on one of their patios right next to the Golf Course, alfresco.

Versatile Singing Waiters Entertainment

This Amazing Waiters show was a three singing waiters surprise show that featured two male and one female performer, posing as Pelican Hills Bistro Staff.   We were a gift by the Father of the Bride who wanted to have something unique and different at this gathering…something that would entertain and engage his guests.  Luckily for us, the surprise feature of our show was just what he had envisioned.  We conferenced with him and his daughter (the Bride-to-be) a couple of times and worked out the details for a surprise show (we were to surprise the Groom-to-be, as well) that included music from our Rat Pack, Italian and Operatic repertoire.  They also thought it best for us to use our own sound system since we were very familiar with it (a nice option if our clients are in Southern California).

The event space was very accommodating and the event/wedding planning staff that provided the décor and ambiance was spot on.

Our show was very well received and, even with some unexpected “live” elements (a guest getting up and dancing with our girl, Kara!) it just made the show that much more memorable for the guests.  See the video!

“You were a huge success…it was exactly what we wanted….”.  It’s always great to hear these words from the people that hire us.  Our Singing Waiters Entertain!

You’re most welcome!

Congratulations you newly-weds.  See you at your 5th anniversary!

The Amazing Waiters

“Surprise Entertainment Specialists”


TSA’s latest Frequent Traveler Option – PRE

TSA and the PRE for Frequent Travelers

In an attempt to reduce long security lines at major airports, TSA has introduced its own version of a VIP Traveler.  Something similar to those lucky stiffs who get to pre-board on your flights-on that red carpet.  You know them, they wait comfortably in the seating area while you jockey for position at the gate, even though you are a Zone 3 and they haven’t even gotten to one yet.  You’re one of those, right? 

Well maybe you can join TSA’s PRE and at least feel like you know something about travel. 

With TSA’s PRE, certain airlines at certain airports will allow some of their frequent flyers, based on TSA criteria to opt-in to this program.  Those who are already NEXUS or SENTRI already have this privilege.  So, if you’re one of those, you might want to surf another BLOG page on here.

If you are interested TSA PRE for International Travel, you’re out of luck.  It’s not being offered at this time.  Also, if any leg of an itinerary is international, the passenger will not qualify for TSA Pre™ for that itinerary and will go through traditional screening.  So, needless-to-say, there are a lot of prerequisites to obtaining this privilege.  Our suggestion is if you don’t travel more than 80-100K year, just wait in line.  You will spend all your valuable time looking online, trying to figure out which airport and airline does this when you could have bought a nice sport coat for your trip online during that same time.  Shop online, it’s cheaper. 


*If you REALLY want to know more about TSA’s new Pre option, go here.   

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