The Amazing Waiters Performer

Sean McDermott, one of The Amazing Waiters Original Members.

Sean McDermott is part of The Amazing Waiters

The Amazing Waiters – Original

Performer Spotlight

Many of you may recognize Sean by his photo.  Sean is what you would call, “A Broadway Star”.  A leading man in numerous Broadway productions that include Miss SaigonGreaseFalsettos and Starlight Express (he’s even toured with Barbara Streisand), Sean has built quite a performance resume over the years.  He is also a valued performer with The Amazing Waiters.

Broadway in an intimate setting with Singing Waiters

The good thing is that you don’t have to go to Broadway to see performers like Sean.  Well, you will if you don’t have The Amazing Waiters at your next event.  Sean and performers like him, grace our intimate roster and we want you to have your guests see them in a way you’d never see in a Broadway Production-within arms reach!

Customized Singing Waiters Surprise Shows with The Amazing Waiters

Every show The Amazing Waiters produce is an original-customized to your specific needs.  Even the show length can be adjusted from our usual 25 minutes running time (the longest of ANY Singing Waiters Act).  But, we don’t stop there…

The Ultimate in Flexibility

With 1, 2 or Three Amazing Waiters, you would think that in itself would be flexible.  BUT, what if we could add a 4th, 5th or 6th for a REAL surprise, a la flash mob?  Well, we can do this and have.  The mix can even be with dancers.  The options in our surprise shows are limitless.

Stop by The Amazing Waiters main site, and see how amazing your choices can be.  Sean and the rest of our amazing cast of singing waiters are ready to give you a most memorable show for your business party, wedding reception of holiday event.

Sean McDermott singing

Sean McDermott on Big Screen with “Barbara”

With regional offices in Southern California, Las Vegas, Chicago and New York, The Amazing Waiters bring affordable party entertainment anywhere in the United States.

Call TAW at 855-899-7701.





Three Waiter Dubious Domain Divert – UPDATE

Hello Everyone,

Dubious Practices Update

Well, we are happy to inform you, that as of this moment, because we think it might be temporary…the domain, “The Amazing Waiters” is now parked with Go Daddy.  Upon some investigative work, we found that the name servers were changed to reflect the parking and not the redirect that we reported on our earlier blog post on February 19, 2014.  The screen shot reflects that The Three Waiters disconnected the redirect on Feb 21, 2014.

Did The Three Waiters see our blog post?

The Three Waiter Redirect has stopped for the time being.

The Fight Goes On…

We believe The Three Waiters still own the domain as well as our sister company, The Amazing Tenors which, we now report IS currently being redirected to The Three Waiter’s Website.  The real Amazing Tenors website is…see for yourselves.

The Three Waiters are an Australian Company

The Three Waiters are an Australian Company with a US Branch in New York City Managed by General Manager, Brad Wilson.  The International Headquarters are in Australia with its majority ownership by Mark Bradley and Mark Bradley International.  The Three Waiters and it’s intricate web of bullying extends World-Wide and has been known to muscle on numerous acts that they feel tread on their type of event entertainment, including Tenors Undercover, and Incognito Artists to name just a couple.

Stop All Dubious Business Practices

In closing, we are formally asking The Three Waiters which is managed by Brad Wilson in New York City to cease and desist all dubious practices and to stop targeting The Amazing Waiters and The Amazing Tenors Brand immediately.  There are better ways to try and get business.

The Amazing Waiters