The Amazing Waiters X3 in Phoenix, Arizona

This past month, The Amazing Waiters were in the great city of Phoenix, Arizona performing for a very appreciative (and large) group of banking professionals.

The show was through-scripted and customized from top to bottom.  It included several quips about their brand, why they were there and who and what happened during those few days of work and play.  CEO’s and Bank Presidents can be a tough crowd from time to time and that’s why it’s nice to be flexible in how our shows are presented.  It can mean the difference of indifference and memorable!

We posted the highlights of the show here in a video.  The Phoenix show musically, ranged from Broadway (West Side Story) to Opera (Nessun Dorma).  The variety of our musical programs never stops to shock guests.  But then, we only use major Broadway and Operatic talent, negating the possible vocal blooper that can happen with some of the other acts we’ve encountered.  Ouch!

It was great to be back working for one of our favorite clients and look forward to taking over Phoenix again soon!

If you have a group of hard-to-please conference go-ers, contact us 855-899-7701.  We have ideas!