Valentine’s Ideas For Guys

After New Year’s, Valentine’s Day is the first major celebrated Holiday of every new year.  This, what once was more religiously related, has become a must for those betrothed (or about to be), defining, redefining, affirming, translating, demonstrating, crying…and let’s not forget, singing.

So, get those flowers and book that last-minute dinner reservation and prepare for love.

So, you are at a loss as to what to do for your significant other this year?  Fear not, The Amazing Waiters have a few ideas for you clueless guys out  there.

  1. Secure a fabulous bottle of wine (we assume you’re both 21, okay?), complete with two nice wine glasses (glass being the operative word) appropriate for white or red.  Look here if you don’t know which glass goes to which…Remember, you’re not in college anymore.
  1. Get something personal and small.  How about an old fashioned thing…a CD of something timeless, Jazz, like Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane…etc.  No pop or current stuff.  Go Classic or Classical.
  1. Flowers:  since we mentioned it earlier.  A couple of TAW rules.  1. Make sure she’s not allergic to flowers.  2. Hopefully, you’ve paid attention and asked or found out what she loves.
  1. A personal note/card, written on nice stationary in your own handwriting…state what you feel.  Keep it simple and classy.  A little will go a long long way here.
  1. How about an indoor picnic?  We know, unlike California, you cannot go out side and do this (if you are not in southern CA) in February.  Indoor picnic meaning get the gear out, in front of the fireplace, the wine (see above) the crackers (you don’t want to get sloshed too early) and perhaps a video of the beach or a summer meadow looping on the TV screen-kitschy but not trashy.

    romantic fireplace for valentines

    The Amazing Waiters provide Valentine’s ideas for guys.

  1. You could have a friend or a professional chef come to your home and make a romantic dinner.  Yeah.  Some of your friends may not want to do this…hire it done.
  1. Fly to France for dinner.

Wishing you a great Valentine’s Day.

Here are the lyrics to MY FUNNY VALENTINE by Rodgers and Hart:

My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable, UN-photograph-able
Yet, you’re my favorite work of art.

Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak are you smart?
But, don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me
Stay little valentine, stay, each day is valentine’s day

Is your figure less than Greek? Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak are you smart?
But, don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me
Stay little valentine, stay, each day is valentine’s day

Video to My Funny Valentine:

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 Christmas in July?  Well, not quite…but Holiday Entertainment is on the minds of many event planners and companies looking to book top-shelf entertainment before it’s too late.

Planning a Holiday Event for your Boss, Company, Country Club, or even a Holiday Wedding takes a fair amount of coordination.  Entertainment is a must.  It breaks the ice, keeps the party from awkward silence and can put your guests in the frame of mind you are trying to achieve.  Holiday entertainment is the second thing that should get booked (after venue selection) securing the entertainment you want at the best price.

Summer Booking for Winter Entertainment is a great idea.

Booking Holiday Entertainment Early is a good idea.


As with flying an airline, there were times one could wait to book at the last minute, possibly saving 15-25%.  Those days are very few and far between.  Booking at the last minute could cost you and your company much more than you planned, sometimes putting entertainment out of your budget all together and forced to ask your co-workers friend’s friend to come in and play a random iTunes play list for your guests.


Many companies, The Amazing Waiters included, are now offering very attractive pricing for early Holiday Bookings, savings of 10-20% on pricing plus a huge savings on production costs if booked in bundles.


We are all price conscious these days and many more consumers shop before they buy which is a good thing, alleviating sticker shock and buyer’s remorse.  Shopping for a great price should be the second thing you do.  We recommend to shop for what options seem to be a good fit for your event.  Get 2 or 3 options.  Then narrow down your short list by getting all the information you need which should always include at least 2-3 live videos of actual shows, a confirmation of how long the show is, the actual price for what you want and a contract stating all the above.  It’s not rocket science but keeping things professional and clear will alleviate any discrepancies or confusion in the future.


There are many entertainment options for your Holiday Event and perhaps one or more will be suitable for your guests, bringing just the right amount of “wow factor”.  Live Bands are fun for creating a party atmosphere all through the night.  They can then ramp up the music after dinner, creating a great dance opportunity (and photos too) for your guests and their dates.  Singing Waiter Entertainment brings a classy element, usually to the dinner portion of the evening, creating the surprise element and band cannot and taking a live performance from the stage to your guests.  Strolling Magicians are especially fun if you have a wide age-range, appealing to young and old.


From small parties to large corporate events, great holiday entertainment can make the night memorable and your guests smiling from ear to ear.


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